Ali Peters

Slice of Life: Saying goodbye with a familiar attitude

My dad has a picture of me in his wallet from my first grade picture day. I’ve sat for countless picture days since then, but this one reminds him of me most – curly blonde hair and a little chunky, I pursed my lips into a devilish half smile, hinting that trouble wasn’t too far […]

Slice of Life: Setting the Valentine’s Day scene

Famed anthropology professor Barbara Miller recounted the love story. They were her students. One sat in the back of the 250-person lecture hall while the other, ever studious, sat in front. They barely spoke, but he remembered her vividly. Another case of a missed connection, the student put an article in a newspaper years later […]

Slice of Life: Thanksgiving: A family affair

It starts like this. My nana and papa always arrive early. Toting five or six bags filled with jars of chicken soup, frozen kugels wrapped in 30-year-old tin foil and loads of discount candy, my nana never makes a quiet entrance. Necco, my enthusiastically overweight golden retriever mutt stands at the head of the welcome […]

Slice of Life: Lessons from Evil

It began with Marilyn Manson. One of my first college assignments was to dissect the lyrics to “The Beautiful People.” For a kid coming from a suburban high school where slapstick poet Billy Collins and artist Salvador Dalí were considered controversial, Manson’s “The Beautiful People” brought education to a whole new level. I was completely […]

Slice of Life: Greeking out: The saga of sorority life

Professor: “Did you just come from Bid Day?” Me: “Yup! We did so well!” Professor: “So you still pay for your friends?” Bubble. Burst. Perhaps arriving late to my Middle Eastern politics class wrapped in letters and covered in silver glitter wasn’t the most unassuming of arrivals. While the sarcasm is something I’ve come to […]

Slice of Life: Learning from Chicken Little

Her name was Audrey. But if she hadn’t had it scrawled on every single item of luggage she brought to camp, I could have sworn she was the real life reincarnation of Chicken Little. Her lithe, three-foot frame gave the impression she was the type of kid who skips lunches at school to chase frogs […]

Slice of Life: A sense of humor and linen pants

I love that game my kindergarten teacher used to make us play during naptime. “If you were stranded on an island, what two things would you bring?” she would ask. Oh man. Just two things? What if I absolutely need my Eggy Crazy Bone collection, Bop It and my blanky? Oh, and I need Dunkaroos. […]

Slice of Life: The perfect D.C. cupcake

My cupcake obsession began three years ago when my freshman floor buddies left a perfectly wrapped pink and black box sitting suggestively on my desk. “What is that?” I pondered, staring bewilderedly at the perfectly cylindrical cakes wrapped in gleaming silver tinfoil with illustrious green polka dot designs. “Georgetown cupcakes,” they responded nonchalantly. On my […]