Alexis Butler

The Bare Belle: Pizzaria Paradiso/Au Revoir

Pizzaria Paradiso/Au Revoir 3282 M St., NW When considering the last place to cover as the Bar Belle, I wanted to go somewhere super fabulous and nouveau. But a 30-page paper and dreary precipitation hampered my plans. Unwilling to traverse far or flatiron my hair, I ended up at the bar at Pizzaria Paradiso. But […]

Mixing romance and religion

In college, dating in its many forms is a thriving practice. What draws one person to another and places them in an intimate relationship could be attributed to an infinite number of factors. Take GW seniors Danielle Brody and Pat Dean. Their compatibility, to many, seems obvious. Both study psychology, are active in the Greek-letter […]

Beyond the Myth

The title of this exhibit alludes to the general idea of fiction surrounding Amedeo Modigliani’s life and works. Actually, he wasn’t larger than life, but rather lived a realistic and often harsh bohemian lifestyle at the beginning of 20th Century Paris. An Italian ?migr?, Modigliani grappled with poverty, addiction, illness and most of all, lack […]

For better or worse?

Relaxing after a workout, senior Nina Lesser-Goldsmith candidly talked over coffee in the Ivory Tower food court about an emotional tale involving a love affair, discontent and manipulation. She was not talking about the latest episode of “The O.C.” but rather a tale that many students her age can identify with – the divorce of […]

Halloween Club and Bar Events

Once you reach college, Halloween’s festivities (i.e. trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples and funny costumes) take a ghoulish turn. The treats turn alcoholic, bobbing becomes not so innocent and girls wear “funny” outfits suited for a soft porn flick. The drinking and costumes are the easy decisions when it comes to planning your Halloween adventure. But […]