Alexandra Shahady

Sex Column: Erotic Mishaps

I follow him into my bedroom and shut the door. The room is quiet enough for me to hear the sound of the dead bolt click. He goes to my bed and I hear the crinkle and crackle of condom. I turn off the lights and begin to unclothe, hidden from his sight. Quickly, as […]

Sex Column: Gravedigger’s remorse

Not all relationships in college are pretty. More likely than not, they lead to heartache, depression or half-friendships. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people fall in love, meet their spouses and end up happily ever after. But that’s not all of us. Most of us date, kiss and date again. Some of us […]

Sex Column: Satisfying mind and body

There Matt goes again. He’s closed the door, turned the fan on and flushed the condom down the toilet. It’s his normal routine. And here I go again. Every time Matt palms my ass with his hand and yanks the ends of my hair, I moan a generic “baby” so I don’t screw up his […]