Alexandra Rush

New airport security measures raise privacy concerns

International students and others traveling abroad this holiday season could be gravely inconvenienced if they are branded “high-risk travelers” by a new government security system unveiled at airports earlier this month. The “Automated Targeting System,” put into operation Dec. 4 by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service, screens airline cargo entering and leaving the […]

U.S. investigates alleged anti-Asian bias at Princeton U.

The Department of Education is investigating an allegation that Princeton University discriminated against an Asian American student in its admissions process. Princeton, which has promised full cooperation with the investigation, still denies exercising any form of discrimination in terms of racial quotas, though they state that they “act affirmatively to ensure diversity.” A statement issued […]

JMU athletes protest changes to Title IX

Student athletes and Title IX advocates across the country are in an uproar regarding James Madison University’s elimination of ten varsity sports. According to university officials, the cuts are the school’s only option for complying with Title IX, a law designed to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex. The two issues under question by […]

Tuition still climbing but not as much, says College Board

Although the College Board recently reported that the rate at which college tuition fees are rising is not as rapid as in previous years, families are still feeling the effects of tuitions which increase faster than the inflation rate. The College Board’s data shows that although the inflation rate is 3.82 percent, tuition at a […]

Is student stress a myth?

Dickinson College president William G. Durden gave three words of advice to incoming freshmen choosing their extracurricular activities: “quality over quantity.” His warning reflected a prevailing belief that students are stressed out and overwhelmed, but talking to students themselves suggests just the opposite. “I participate in more activities in college than in high school because […]

New Washington interest group devotes itself to science

With debates over stem cell research, natural resources, environmental hazards and threats of high-tech terrorist attacks sweeping national politics, it’s a surprise that the scientific community went for so long without its own lobbying team in Washington. But that time is over. The organization Scientists and Engineers for America was officially founded on Sept. 27 […]