Alex Shoucair

Alex Shoucair: Cementing a Legacy

Web Exclusive Finally! GW has actually been ranked No. 1 in something – the size of our former president’s compensation. Checking in at whopping $3.7 million, our ex-president (and current faculty member) Stephen Joel Trachtenberg raked in more than twice as much as the nation’s next highest-paid former University administrator in 2007-2008, according to the […]

Alex Shoucair: Fight the flu hysteria

We are all going to die. Slowly. Painfully. Unless, of course, we use some of that conveniently placed “Fight the Flu” hand-sanitizer in the lobby of the buildings on campus. Perhaps I am the only one, but has anyone else grown incredibly weary of GW’s anti-swine flu campaign? One has to wonder what kinds of […]

Alex Shoucair: Stop the study abroad scam

I could write an editorial every week for a year focusing on GW’s student financial failings without ever addressing them all. But for those that study abroad, the unfairness of the school’s study abroad tuition policies are particularly egregious. For years, students have bemoaned the fundamental injustice of GW’s study abroad tuition policies, to no […]

Alex Shoucair: This semester’s epic fails

No, they can’t all fit into one column. This semester was full of excitement, controversy and a ton of Infomail e-mails. It also provided us with plenty of reminders of what GW does wrong and what it needs to change in the future. The semester got off to a really great start. All that excitement […]

Alex Shoucair: Snuff out the smoking ban

Spiraling tuition costs. Plummeting endowment value. Student Association turmoil. Deteriorating library. Heinous dining services. Secondhand smoke. Which one of these is not like the other? If you guessed secondhand smoke, you’d be right. Nevertheless, a small but vocal contingent of students has launched a campaign to fight the campuswide epidemic of secondhand smoke because apparently […]

Alex Shoucair: Race dialogue unnecessary

Year in and year out, we get some sort of campus racial “controversy” or a prominent feature in The Hatchet lamenting the disarray of race relations at GW. Our new attorney general Eric Holder said that we Americans are too “cowardly” to have a conversation about race in this country. He’s clearly never been to […]

Michael Jackson for SA President

Web Extra Well, it’s that unfortunate time of year again. No, I don’t mean the now annual ritualistic collapse of the basketball team. Worse. It’s SA election time. If you’re like me (and most of you are), you really couldn’t care less about this giant exercise in ego building. As entertaining as it can be […]