Alex Schneider

GW’s hidden treasures

“Bobby was born in the tobacco fields of Virginia, but he never ‘smoked a puff’ in his life,” reads a page from the 1908 edition of the Cherry Tree yearbook, printed when GW was still called Columbian University. “When he matriculated, he adopted the motto, ‘Never let your studies interfere with your college work.’ “ […]

Hatchet Checkup: Loud Music

Freshman Julianne Barto knows that if she listens to her iPod too loud, she won’t be listening for long. “My room, and even my hallway, they’re always pretty noisy,” Barto said. “I used to listen to my iPod to drown it out. Now I go to the library when I have to study.” When a […]

What’s the deal with …The methadone clinic next to The Dakota?

Residents of The Dakota are often bewildered to step outside their residence hall in the morning and into a crowd of former heroin addicts. The group on the corner of 21st and F streets mainly includes clients of Partners in Drug Abuse Rehabilitation and Counseling, a methadone clinic located next to The Dakota in 2112 […]

When dinner becomes breakfast

This past month, Manalle Mahmod has been eating breakfast after 6 p.m. But the senior, one of many students observing Ramadan, uses the word “breakfast” a bit more literally. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims cannot eat or drink during the daylight hours, which are reserved instead for religious […]