Alex Kingsbury

Congress debates war funding bill, tax cuts

Posted 12:00 p.m. April 10 by Alex Kingsbury U-WIRE Washington Bureau President Bush’s domestic economic strategy was dealt a major blow last week when the Senate cut his proposed tax cut proposal by more than half. At issue during the debate was the Iraqi war whose duration and cost can only be estimated. The president’s […]

Va. governor will speak at graduation

Posted 6:20 p.m. April 8-Virginia Governor Mark Warner will speak at the May 18 Commencement ceremony, a spokesman in the governor’s office and GW officials confirmed Tuesday. Warner, 48, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from GW in 1977 and is a former member of the University’s Board of Trustees. “The governor feels a personal connection […]


Congressional kidnapper gets 20 years A man who kidnapped two Congressional staffers from their homes on Capitol Hill last fall was sentenced to 20 years in jail Friday. Johnny Littlejohn was sentenced after pleading guilty in December to charges of armed kidnapping, WJLA reported. Prosecutors said Littlejohn and a second defendant kidnapped Jerry Clarke and […]

Court denies second appeal

The University was dealt another blow in its battle over campus zoning last week when the U.S. Court of Appeals declined to review a March decision requiring GW to house a majority of students on campus. The defeat puts plans for a new business school on hold while the legal issues are resolved, University officials […]

Affirmative action supporters demonstrate at Supreme Court

Thousands rallied in support of affirmative action at the U.S. Supreme Court and the Lincoln Memorial Tuesday, calling on the Court to uphold the practice of giving preferential treatment to minorities in college admissions. The court heard oral arguments in two cases challenging the University of Michigan’s use of race as a factor in admissions, […]

Column: In war, medium is still the message

The military is not the only technologically superior force sweeping through the Iraqi desert surging toward Baghdad. Embedded journalists are almost as potent in the war on terrorism as the smart bomb. The medium, as Marshall McLuhan said, is the message. The way the current war is covered is important. It will essentially write the […]

GW recommends students take precautions during higher alert

University security officials are advising students to take extra precautions, including informing roommates of their whereabouts and acquiring a battery-powered radio, in light of the federal government’s decision last week to push the national security alert level to orange. A GW security alert distributed to residence halls and posted on the University’s Campus Advisory Web […]

Column: The great French fry faux pas

The french fry may soon be an extinct species if Republicans in the House of Representatives have their way. A panel that oversees the House food and dining operations ordered Tuesday that the french fry be renamed the “freedom fry” and french toast “freedom toast.” The House speaker has even suggested a tariff on French […]

The failure of Bush’s war rhetoric

In what appears to be the last hours of diplomatic wrangling over which Iraqi transgressions will precipitate war, it seems instructive to look at the last 17 months of rhetoric by the Bush administration that has been so remarkably unsuccessful in winning popular support for a war. It is extraordinary that the Bush administration has […]


District imposes cab surcharge The District Taxicab commission approved an emergency $1 surcharge for fares to compensate for increased gas prices. The price of gas nationwide has increased 32 cents since December because of war fears, a Venezuelan strike and unusually cold weather, fueling the drive for the commissions’ surcharge. The extra fees will remain […]