Alex Eisner

Alex Eisner: Just wait for buyer’s remorse

Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be any more predictions about the election’s outcome and repercussions, here’s one more: When the novelty of a young black man in the White House wears off, there will be nothing left but bad politics. And don’t even think of calling me a racist. He could be […]

Alex Eisner: Where have all the Republicans gone?

It all started when I was walking to class one morning and saw a person wearing a shirt that read “Proud Democrat.” That’s no big deal for a high percentage of GW students. But being proud to be a Democrat is like being proud to be Caucasian or proud to have brown hair: It does […]

Alex Eisner: Focus on issues, not just words

There are fewer arguments more infuriating than those where an opponent refuses to even acknowledge, much less legitimately challenge, your beliefs. That’s exactly what the liberals on this campus are doing to Ann Coulter and it’s simply unacceptable. Coulter’s comments are admittedly inflammatory; however her means of expression do not discount her views. More often […]

The Pulse: Gauging GW’s reactions to today’s issues

With the 2008 election season hitting its prime, The Pulse hit the street to see what GW students are looking for in the next president. “My most important issues are education, healthcare and the environment. We should be moving more towards these moral issues that are less divisive and that people can agree on.” Josh […]

Alex Eisner: Is grad school a given?

As I sit at my desk this weekend, only a few weeks before final exams, I have literally millions of vocabulary words, dates, times and places of different events in U.S. history, Spanish phrases, math formulas and literary devices flying restlessly around my brain. And through the fog one solitary thought prevails: “There has got […]

Alex Eisner: Voice your views

I was sitting in class recently and the lecture lent itself to a rather charged debate about the definition of terrorism, what makes a terrorist and whether or not their actions/beliefs are delusional or psychotic. I enjoy causing heated discussion in class simply because people tend to drop the politically correct crap and say what […]

Alex Eisner: Pondering parental invasion

I live in the infamous Thurston Hall where on Friday nights, there are more smokers out front than beers at a frat party and where at any time of day or night the dress code ranges from a suit and tie to a bathrobe and slippers. However, all of that changed last weekend. According to […]