Alejandra Ramos

Book review: “The Love Wife”

In life, few stories are told the way they are in novels. There isn’t time while chatting over coffee to neatly lay out characters or slowly build up to a climax. Real life stories are fragmented. They are told between bites of a bagel and interrupted by cell phone rings. We go back and forth, […]

Making the big move

The day after Jessica Goss graduated from GW, she hopped on a plane to California and moved in with her boyfriend of nearly two years. “I’d been planning it for a while, but was still a little nervous,” she says of her feelings before the move. “I was just hoping we wouldn’t drive each other […]

Staying true to the red white and blue

It must have been fate that led Congressman Jon Fox to invite a curious young busboy to join him and his staffers for dinner one evening five years ago. It’s a move that Kris Hart, the National Finance Director of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), will always be thankful for as it jumpstarted his […]