Alan Siegel

Departing editors:My last Thanksgiving

I would like to announce my retirement from college. I turn 22 Friday. As Danny Glover laments in “Lethal Weapon,” “I’m too old for this shit.” Please trust that I explored my options – I had plans. I planned to enter the NBA Draft, but the league has no interest in a 5-foot-8 inch, slower-than-Sherman […]

Cycling has sweet start

Like the title character in “Napoleon Dynamite,” senior Mark Protacio thinks bikes are pretty sweet. But it’s safe to say none of the numerous Napoleon wanna-bes on campus have ever approached Protacio, admired his sleek racing bike, and exclaimed “Lucky!” “People have come up to me and asked, ‘GW has a cycling team?’” said Protacio, […]

Nationals a hit in new hometown

Major League Baseball is born again in the diamond-shaped city. Reuniting wasn’t supposed to feel so cold. To stay warm on this chilly Saturday night – and celebrate Vinny Castilla’s fourth inning two-run homer – the RFK Stadium crowd of nearly 35,000 jumps up and down in unison, violently shaking the faded maroon, yellow and […]

Column: Breaking the real curse

Karl Hobbs never saw it first hand, but he knew it existed. He heard about it, so he stayed away. African Americans just didn’t go to Fenway Park in the 1970s. The city’s sparkling green jewel represented a racist organization, a place where a white crowd often taunted, threatened and even physically accosted those with […]

Campus to host Jackie Robinson Week events

Jackie Robinson was not a product of his time. A decade before the Civil Rights movement, before Martin Luther King Jr. and before Rosa Parks, he broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier. When Robinson made his Brooklyn Dodgers debut on April 15, 1947, the racist structure that plagued baseball for half a century began to […]

An ode to ‘God’s most pathetic creatures’

“Fever Pitch” probably won’t please many Red Sox diehards, but is that really possible anyway? Bostonians are never happy. We take what is said about our team and our fans personally. Which is why if you’re a Sox fan, I suggest taking a few deep breaths if you choose to see this movie. You will […]

NFL charity event to hit GW campus

Jake Delhomme and Brett Favre stare at a group of GW students with approving smiles. This isn’t an NFL huddle in the traditional sense. In reality, the quarterbacks are promotional cardboard cut outs standing up in a large boardroom on 2021 L Street, home of NFL Players Inc., the company in charge of licensing NFL […]

Column: Relax, the game will go on

“The one constant through all the years,” Terence Mann says in “Field of Dreams,” “has been baseball.” Since last autumn, baseball has constantly made headlines – at times for uplifting and emotional reasons, and at times for simmering realities that have made us question the game’s morals. The absurd cycle began last October, when the […]

Players consider NBA draft

When the GW men’s basketball team ended its season in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last weekend, junior forwards Mike Hall and Pops Mensah-Bonsu expressed optimism that the Colonials would only get better next year. But there is a chance that neither player will be a part of the 2005-06 team, as both […]

Tourney run gets fouled up

Start the slideshow! NASHVILLE-Remember the rambunctious kid on the playground? You know, the one who looked like he might have the potential to out-jump, out-run and out-hustle almost anybody – but just wasn’t quite there yet? That was the GW men’s basketball team Friday night. The No. 12 seeded Colonials stayed within a few points […]