Aditya Ramanathan

U.S. in danger as destination for international study, says report

A new report suggests the United States could lose its position as the most popular destination for international students to other countries, affecting U.S. competitiveness and cultural diplomacy. The report, titled “Students on the Move: The Future of International Students in the United States,” was released by the American Council on Education in late October. […]

Google’s offer to take over university e-mail systems rouses praise and concern

Students at some U.S. universities could soon find their regular school e-mail interface replaced by one from Gmail. Several schools are considering adopting Gmail, an e-mail service administered by the search engine giant Google. Arizona State University in October announced that it was collaborating with Google to provide Gmail and other services to its 65,000 […]

Stanford U shoots for the moon

Stanford University will have a “major presence” on the moon in the next decade if a group of determined school alumni has its way. Members of “Stanford On The Moon” met on the university’s campus Oct. 13 along with academics and other alumni who want to see their alma mater take a lead in space […]