Adam J. Brenneman

Alcapulco heads south

Originally Published 12/07/00 It seems a testament to our nation’s symbolism as a melting pot of cultures that the capital city would have a wide variety of first-class ethnic restaurants. A plethora of excellent Thai, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Salvadorean restaurants can be found throughout the city. But those of us looking for a bite of Mexican […]

Afterwords offers American cuisine with a few surprises

Originally Published 11/09/00 These days, restaurants that have innovative American cooking generally give out portions of food characterized by their tiny size. Afterwords, which seems to pursue the same innovation in American cooking, does not follow this trend. For that matter, very little is traditional about Afterwords at Kramerbooks. The restaurant is open 24 hours […]

Zuki Moon passes the test

Originally Published 09/14/00 Tucked away in a basement is one of the best-kept culinary secrets of the Foggy Bottom area. Despite various accolades, most recently a profile in Bon Appetit’s Best Restaurants issue, Zuki Moon Noodles has not achieved the notoriety it deserves among GW’s students. When three of my friends and I sat down […]

An open challenge to GW’s president

Dear Mr. Trachtenberg: As a student at GW, I figure you might like to hear from me. After all, it has been two years now since I first started studying at GW, and my studies here have left me with many great experiences. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that your leadership has not been […]