Adam Chandler

Column: A new Greek tragedy

While incapable of creating a less repugnant title for this column, I wished for one moment that I possessed the rhetorical prowess of the University’s PR department. While towing the often dastardly line as the administration’s mouthpiece, its finest hour came while glossing over the imminent demise of the Greek-letter community initiated under the guise […]

Column: The hippo conspiracy

While giving self-righteous op-ed journalism the old college try and subsequently dooming this column with an opening clich?, I knew that unless I took an internship with Riggs Bank, there would eventually be some truth I wouldn’t be able to hide from the student body. In this case, it is the painful fact that I […]

Column: Facing the ‘Facebook’

While the buff and blue clouds of our deficiency have staunched yet another chance to crack the Top 50, our University recently became blessed by its inclusion into an even grander gilt-edged medium of privilege. For those whose radar to the “scene” is hazier than a Thurston bathroom at half-past four, GW recently became one […]

Column: Peace and non-fiction

There has been a joke meandering its way through some of the smaller circles here at GW, and since it is a new year, it only seemed fair that everyone have a chance to hear it. Are you ready? Here it goes. What do you get when you transcend all streams of logic by trespassing […]