Adam Chandler

Column: Sitting down with Omar

With a job that sets tuition back eleven g’s and affords one the luxury of over 700 facebook friends guided by the greatest sincerity, who wouldn’t want to be President of the Student Association? Naturally, a character of great mystique is the one who ends up handling the job and the collective fate of our […]

Column: Sex and the seasons

Amid all these picture-perfect holiday scenes, it becomes easy to wonder if maybe you might have missed out on meeting your soul mate by even the most minute shift in circumstances. Like if you had caught that Metro you just missed by seconds the other day. Sometimes I think looking for your destined love is […]

Column: Taking their eyes off the ball

In the spirit of the approaching holiday season, I thought I would take the time to be a little gracious in this week’s column. Well, to start at least. I first wanted to apologize to the dozens of hostile OC fans offended by a gaffe I made in my last column. At one point while […]

Column: One hour of misery

In two or so months of writing bitter columns, I have slighted the likes of the shoddy GW administration, P. Diddy, Lyndon LaRouche, old people, fickle Red Sox fans, player-haters, SJT, the overseers of Greek-letter life, the GW Hippo, Dick Cheney, the shoddy GW administration, and myself. Oh, and now add your mother to that […]

Column: An election lesson: Vote or die

Well, just when we were assured our safety from the imminent terrorist attack that would solely accompany a Kerry victory, we have a new enemy on the move against us. While some people say that poor voter turnout in this election proved once again that the only adversary of young voters is apathy, in reality […]

Column: Write in LaRouche

With all this rhetoric about Bush vs. Kerry floating around, most voters have neglected to fully appreciate the power of the write-in vote. Current D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, in his last election, was the write-in candidate as the incumbent and won. Even closer to home, Kris Hart, our former SA president, stands tomorrow as a […]

Column: Baseball, Boredom, and Pornography

As passing school weeks tend to do, this week brought with it a new dilemma. As the baseball gods granted the Astros from my native Houston a game seven letdown in the NLCS, I found myself with exorbitant amounts of time that the playoffs had previously occupied. Boredom naturally ensued. My first act was to […]

Column: A memo: We’re all boxed in

A memo from Students for Student Involvement on Campus: Fellow Colonials/hippos, the advancement of our University, which will certainly boost GW into the Top 50, and then the Top 10, has reached a dangerous impasse. And we are boxed in. It’s certainly no fault of the University; our president has served us admirably, his warmth […]

Column: Just like every other college

Many students have been troubled by the negative attention the GW basketball team has recently received. Few, I believe, have been more troubled than me. At a University without a drop of credibility with regard to school spirit and invested interest in student life, we need to save our last durable thread of the authentic […]

Column: Analyzing the players

It’s inevitable a guy possessing undeniable charm and modesty would have a wealth of female friends here at G-Dub. And despite my occasional use of the moniker “G-Dub,” I’ve also managed to keep a decent number of guy friends, albeit largely because I buy my friends by paying dues in a Greek-letter organization. Where that […]