Adam Carter

Classic concert footage rekindles Marley spirit

Bob Marley fans will get a sense of nostalgia when they see Bob Marley Live in Concert, but film critics will be disappointed. There is nothing new about the film, which is featured in the TimeFrame series of the D.C. International Film Festival, until April 29. The documentary is a collection of concert footage shot […]

Pete Tong brings his Essential Mix across the pond

With summer quickly approaching, students looking for the perfect pick-me-up album to get a weekend of clubbing started off right should flock to stores Friday night. Pete Tong’s Essential Mix is a smooth, funky house/techno journey that will surely usher in a rush of ecstatic weekend pleasures. Tong is a national icon in England, where […]

Nelly Furtado gives pop music a much-needed boost

If the manufactured sound and played-out style of today’s pop music is getting you down, the arrival of 22-year-old Nelly Furtado should come as a refreshing change. Like a crisp winter wind, this young starlet hails from Canada, but her effervescent smile and daring musical style carries a vitality reminiscent of much warmer locales. Furtado, […]

Poverty rules in King Hedley II

If you never thought you would hear Public Enemy during a play intermission or imagined Ice Cube could provide a performance’s musical backdrop, the Kennedy Center’s production of King Hedley II may be the refreshing theatrical experience you need. Set in Pittsburgh’s rough Hill district in 1985, the story centers on the trials and tribulations […]

Rasta Man Burning Spear chants with Hatchet

Reggae star Burning Spear’s accomplishments are astounding: 30 years in the business, 34 albums, a Grammy Award, many world tours and a fan base that stretches around the globe. In addition to his musical success, Burning Spear is regarded as a standard-bearer for the Rastafarian religion and a sage, by many, because of his positive […]

Web-only feature: Reggae duo sings songs of peace

The world sunk closer to war on Oct. 12, as Middle-East violence escalated and terrorism took center stage. But out of D.C. the message was clear: positivity, peace and unity for all. These words were not preached by President Bill Clinton or a Pentagon official, but reverberated through the crowd amassed to see reggae legends […]

Soul Camp offers incredible party

Hip-hop party Soul Camp is alive and well on the same day, new location. Now held at Diversite at 14th and P streets, the Thursday night party still features DJs Taek One and Dirty Handz, who spin the latest hip-hop for D.C.’s dancing pleasure. For those less interested in getting their dance on, break-dancing crews […]

Cuban diva visits United States

Watching 70-year-old Cuban diva Omara Portuondo prance around on stage makes one wonder what they do in Cuba to maintain such vitality. Portuondo, a member of the Buena Vista Social Club who performed at the Warner Theater Saturday, attributes her continued success to something more important: love. What we are doing is so much full […]

ColdCut blends music, visuals

Gil Scott Heron said the revolution will not be televised. But a revolution is here, and the video screen is taking center stage. On Friday night, the famous British DJ trio ColdCut came to the 9:30 Club and, along with Baltimore natives Sonic Soul, gave D.C. a taste of what the future of electronic music […]

Arena Stage presents controversial play

Seldom is a brute sport like boxing married with theatrical production, and perhaps there has never been an offspring as successful as The Great White Hope, now playing at the Arena Stage. Based loosely on the story of the flamboyant Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion of the world, the play has returned to […]