Adam Brenneman

Fuzio makes pastas focus of fusion food experience

You’re sitting around on a Friday night with a few friends deciding what to eat for dinner. One person wants Italian food, another suggests Greek food and perhaps a third wants Thai or French. The solution to this common dilemma is Fuzio, a relative newcomer to Dupont Circle that serves up a unique brand of […]

Malaysian Kopitiam mixes Asian dishes

When eating at Malaysia Kopitiam, you’re never really sure what type of food you’ll get. An appetizer may make you wonder if you stumbled into an unknown Indian restaurant. Your main course may make you question whether you’re in Chinatown, and your fellow diner’s entree would have you believe that you were in a Thai […]

Prospects puts upscale touch on plain old pizza

Prospects on Prospect Street 3203 Prospect Street NW (202) 298-6800 Closed Mondays Imagine thick slices of lamb sausage; wild mushrooms atop pesto. Roasted garlic and shallots; and even fresh mozzarella gracing dishes. Wine served by the bottle is more common here than beer served by the tap. By these differences alone, Prospects on Prospect Street […]

Sala Thai lets diners down

For some odd reason, there seem to be a lot of Thai restaurants in Washington, D.C. Although Thai cuisine has never received the notoriety achieved by Ethiopian or Vietnamese, its popularity has spread like wildfire. I had high expectations for one Thai restaurant, Sala Thai, because it has survived many years of competition in its […]

Food fusion makes a comeback at Raku

The idea of fusion food, which is made by combining two different cuisines, seems to be in decline these days. This is probably not a bad thing, as the new rise of home-style cooking tends to lead to cheaper meals and better food. But every once in a while a restaurant challenges my thinking on […]

Bush striving for just `good enough’

When I was younger, my mother used to take me to the polls when she went to vote. I was not allowed to watch her vote, but the elections officials always had a voting machine ready for kids, where you could choose between Walter Watermelon and Barbara Banana for president, along with a host of […]

Forum: New pill increases options for women

The recent approval of the RU-486, or morning-after pill, has George W. Bush and the rest of the anti-abortion camp in a frenzy. The Federal Drug Administration has finally allowed women access to a healthy, effective, safe, non-surgical means to make decisions about their bodies. The anti-choice Bush campaign cannot understand why the FDA would […]

Miss Saigon offers quality Vietnamese food close to home

You’ve probably seen the Vietnamese restaurant Miss Saigon while walking through Georgetown. The strings of lights hung from the faux palm trees in the restaurant always seem to beckon you at night. Miss Saigon is a Washington institution of sorts – it’s one of the few restaurants that has lasted ten years. For those of […]

Sensible gun laws to stop the bleeding

Close the hatches and seal the doors. Apparently, the United States is in such danger of a foreign invasion, or even, quite possibly the domestic imposition of tyranny, that we need to sacrifice our own personal safety. Or so Joseph Daniel Ura (“Guns Don’t Cause Violence,” Sept. 2, p. 4) would have you believe. Never […]