Abe Lubetkin

Defeated SA candidates: Hopefuls no longer

An exhausted Govind Kilambi came across one of his Student Association campaign posters Friday afternoon and knew what he had to do. “I took it down and threw it in the garbage,” he said. Former Senate candidate Luke Moses spent that afternoon trying to stay awake long enough to finish the paper he needed to […]

Postering ushers in formal start to election

At 6:30 a.m. Friday, a half-hour before he and his fellow Student Association candidates would be permitted to display posters around campus, sophomore and Elliott School Senate hopeful Govindraj Kilambi was ready to run. He arrived that morning with only a light jacket on top of his short-sleeved polo shirt, which he wore in the […]

Senate candidates have mixed luck getting support

Student Association Senate hopeful Luke Moses proudly made his campaign rounds in Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Hall last Monday in jeans and a sweater. “I need to ask you guys something,” Moses asked, standing outside the room of sophomores Caitlin Bearce and Colleen Keller. “Some guys are going around doing this in ties and coats, […]

Tuition hikes take toll on students

Sophomore Alex Buder transferred to GW last year hoping to complete a double major in art and political science within four years. He had enough credits to accomplish his goal, but what he did not have was the money. Buder, whose parents’ Massachusetts hospitality business has been hit hard by a stumbling economy, cannot afford […]

In the dumps: Students wade through trash for a cause

Graduate student Matthew Tisdale started last weekend the way he starts many weekends: hoping the industrial-strength garbage compactor he was standing in did not turn on. Perhaps because he had done it 25 times before last Friday night, the 2003 Columbian College of Arts and Sciences graduate was not as worried about being crushed by […]

Billing error resolved

A December billing error left some GW students wondering how many times a semester they were expected to pay for housing. Bob Kershner, director of student accounts, said a “computer quirk” sparked by a Community Living and Learning Center entry error caused the office’s Banner computer system to process spring charges as overdue fall payments. […]

University hopes new bins will encourage more recycling

Facilities Management is promising new recycling bins for every University office this semester as part of a larger effort to make GW a more environmentally conscious campus. Small blue bins will replace the bulky makeshift cardboard boxes that have previously been in place to collect reusable waste. Tony Dillard, coordinating manager for Facilities Management, said […]

White GW students more likely to graduate than blacks, Hispanics

Black and Hispanic GW students are less likely than whites to graduate in six years, according to Department of Education data. GW also had the largest gap between six-year graduation rates for white students and black and Hispanic students among D.C. colleges that reported complete statistics in 2002-03. Compared to the 77.5 percent of white […]

College Democrats face a long winter

When the College Democrats executive board met for the first time after John Kerry’s defeat in the election last week, football was the first order of business. “We’re playing the College Republicans this Saturday,” events director Stacey Garfinkle told the board. “We are not losing to the Republicans.” “Can we play tackle?” one board member […]