Aaron Huertas

Liberals take to the air

Posted 11:56am April 12 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Al Franken has gone from “Saturday Night Live writer” to the author of popular liberal books like “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” and “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right”. Franken has been railing […]

Business school looks to future

Business students can look forward to more study abroad and exchange options and a greater level of interaction with Washington institutions, as the School of Business starts implementing its new strategic plan. The plan outlines measures to increase school prestige and enable students to receive a more comprehensive education. “I think it’s been a big, […]

Clarke raises questions about Bush’s credibility

Posted 11:43pm April 4 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Former White House counter-terrorism advisor Richard Clarke has been in the middle of an election year political fire-storm, testifying before a Congressional Committee on the attacks of Sept. 11 2001 that the Bush administration did little to prevent those attacks and that the war in […]

Dean endorses Kerry

Posted 4:01pm March 28 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry was endorsed by his former rival and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean during a rally at the George Washington University held Thursday. Dean and Kerry emphasized the importance of mobilizing young voters in the coming election. Young people who supported […]

Kerry clinches nomination, Edwards drops out

Posted 11:02am March 6 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau John Kerry, the junior Senator from Massachusetts, clinched the Democratic Party nomination for President yesterday, coming in first in nine out of Tuesday’s 10 contests. His chief rival, North Carolina Senator John Edwards, will announce his withdrawal from the race in Raleigh, N.C. “Before us […]

Dean campaign provides lessons for future

Posted 11:16am March 1 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau The rise and fall of former Vermont governor Howard Dean provides intense political drama and lessons for current and future candidates for President. Dean started his bid for the Presidency as a little known former governor of a small state. He was the first of […]

Writing courses explore specific topics

GW will introduce Writing in the Disciplines classes next semester following this year’s more rigorous freshman writing program. Some of the 700 freshmen who took University Writing 20 this year, along with other interested students, will enroll in the disciplines courses, which teach writing that relates to specific subject areas. “Each (discipline) has its own […]

Kerry’s comeback may lead to Oval Office

Posted 11:59pm February 19 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Weeks before the Iowa Caucuses, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was running far behind front-runner Howard Dean. A national poll conducted in mid-January showed him a distant third, with only nine percent of respondents saying they supported him in a crowded field of Democratic Presidential hopefuls. […]

Kerry sweeps Tennessee, Virginia; Clark drops out

Posted 4:31pm February 13 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Massachusetts Senator John Kerry pulled farther ahead of his remaining rivals yesterday, winning resounding victories in the Virginia and Tennessee primaries. These two contests followed three caucuses over the weekend in Washington state, Michigan and Maine that Kerry also won. Retired General Wesley Clark announced […]

Kerry wins 5 states, Edwards and Clark 1 each

Posted 12:08pm February 7 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts was the top vote getter in five of seven states holding primaries or caucuses Tuesday in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, winning in Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Missouri and Delaware. Senator John Edwards of North Carolina won […]