Aaron Huertas

WEB EXTRA: Ex-representative addresses business fraternity

Former Republican Congressman Jim Greenwood spoke about corporate scandals and biotechnology with 40 members of a professional co-ed business fraternity Wednesday night in the Marvin Center Greenwood chaired the House subcommittee that investigated the scandals that rocked Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom and ImClone. He said those corporate leaders had too much incentive to inflate profits […]

Building the University: Freemasonry, SJT and GW

It’s been traced back to orchestrating the Jack the Ripper killings, concealing the true identity of Jesus’ children and secretly running the world. Closer to home, this semi-secret organization has ties to GW and American history – through University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. Freemasonry traces its history to medieval European stonemasons, who worked on grand […]

SJS targets APES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon with Facebook

Click here to read the full text of a letter sent to APES members Student Judicial Services is using Facebook, the popular online social network used by thousands of students, to search for and identify members of unrecognized fraternities. Citing complaints they have received about unrecognized groups in past years, GW officials recently sent out […]

Perkins loans may be cut

GW is urging students to contact their congressional representatives and express their support for the federal Perkins Loan program, which President Bush scheduled for elimination in his 2006 budget. More than 2,141 GW students receiving $3.8 million in Perkins Loans as part of their financial aid packages could be affected by the move. Ruth Hoch, […]

Some students not impressed by new J Street

Aramark’s recent makeover of J Street has produced some negative feedback from students lamenting the loss of seating and waffle fries. Some new venues are closing earlier than Aramark officials had initially advertised. The new layout was designed and built entirely under the supervision of Aramark, which recently renewed for 10 years its contract with […]

Jihad videos posted using GW net connection

An unidentified individual posted terrorist propaganda onto the Web in March using an Internet connection at GW. Since officials did not learn of the situation until July, they were unable to track the user. The individual used a laptop to illegally obtain GW Internet access and create a makeshift file-transfer protocol, which is used to […]

GW nears deal for SWW lot

The University is one step closer to building a new residence hall after working out a tentative deal with the D.C. Board of Education to purchase the parking lot adjacent to School Without Walls High School. If GW and the Board of Education reach an agreement, the University would pay the city a minimum of […]

Thousands say goodbye to 40th president

Posted Wednesday, June 9, 10:16 p.m. Thousands of people gathered along a flag-strewn Constitution Avenue Wednesday to bid farewell to President Reagan. A horse-drawn caisson carrying the former president’s body crept slowly down one of the city’s main arteries en route to the Capitol, where Reagan’s body will lie in the Rotunda during a 30-hour […]

Woodward book says Bush intent on going to war

Posted April 24 8:05pm by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau Washington Post writer Bob Woodward is no stranger to Presidential politics. Along with fellow Post writer Carl Bernstein, he helped break the Watergate story that eventually led to Richard Nixon’s resignation. With such a start in the world of Presidential reporting, it’s almost surprising that […]

Bush speaks after bloody week in Iraq

Posted 12:00am April 17 by Aaron Huertas U-WIRE Washington Bureau The Bush Administration is trying to strike a balance between resolve and restraint in its efforts to both bring stability to Iraq in the face of uprisings and to assure the American people that the war is still justified and winnable. “In this conflict, there […]