Aaron Bernay

Column: Keeping up with the Hoyas

Like many of you, I was appalled to learn that the Wall Street Journal labeled GW’s facilities the cushiest of all the universities in their November 11 survey. I wonder if the researchers actually spent time here. For starters, remember that dark day last year when they announced an end to upperclassmen housekeeping? Things were […]

Courses combat boredom

I have only one word of seniorly advice for those GW students busy finalizing their schedules for spring registration: prostitution. Feast your eyes, gentle readers, because I am talking about pornography, stripping and phone sex. As Hans and Franz say, hear me now and believe me later: Fire up your MP3-burdened laptops, connect to GWeb […]

Setting election priorities

Now that election season is in full swing, I feel that it is my public duty to remind all of you gentle readers to get out and vote. Perhaps some of you are still undecided and grappling over which candidate best suits your views. Relax, I’m not here to discuss the neck-and-neck race between Bush […]

Forum: Palestinians must make peace

Sustaining progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is like climbing a sand dune – every step forward seems to be followed by two steps back. The most recent wave of violence in Israel and the breakdown of peace talks illustrate that the peace process is stumbling. The Palestinians appear firmly intent on ruining Israel and […]