The Hatchet’s top podcast picks to dive into the niche you didn’t know you needed

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Podcasts can cover just about anything, from pop culture news to Irish poetry to the word of the day.

As the popularity of podcasts continues to boom, it’s time to find your new go-to show because let’s face it, there are better ones out there than The Daily and Call Her Daddy.

Podcasts can cover just about anything, from pop culture news to Irish poetry to the word of the day – and with a click of a button, the right episode can start your day off right, usher in a midday break or bring the night to a relaxing close. We’re here to help you navigate the limitless pool of podcasts brimming with new topics that can tap into every one of your favorite or unexplored interests.

Here are The Hatchet’s top podcast recommendations for 2023:

“Poetry Unbound”
Nora Fitzgerald | Contributing Culture Editor
This podcast from Irish poet Pádraig Ó Tuama is a digestible introduction to the world of poetry. Delivered in episodes less than 20 minutes each on Spotify, Ó Tuama starts and ends each segment with the reading of a poem, dissecting each line in between readings. His picks range from classics by Emily Dickenson, Margaret Atwood and Rumi to more unknown, contemporary artists like Major Jackson and Molly Twomey. Ó Tuama combines stories from his personal life with biographical information about the poets as he unpacks the deeper meaning of each poem. Treat your ears to the sound of Ó Tuama’s soothing Irish accent and your brain to the intellectual stimulation his commentary offers. The podcast is therapeutic, offering advice on asking for help, overcoming loss and exploring sexuality through the lines of poetry.

“The Rewatchables”
Zach Blackburn | Senior News Editor
Whether you plan an annual holiday rerun of “When Harry Met Sally…” or marvel at “The Godfather” each time the epic pops up on cable, everyone has a movie they can’t help but return to. “The Rewatchables,” a weekly podcast hosted by a revolving array of writers and hosts from the Ringer Podcast Network, exists just to celebrate those endlessly enrapturing films. The panel of hosts discuss and analyze the movie of the week – which range from “Pitch Perfect” to “All the President’s Men” – with more than 10 categories, like most rewatchable scene, best quote and half-assed internet research. Special celebrity guests regularly appear on the show with their own takes – like director Quentin Tarantino describing why he thinks “Dunkirk” was one of the best movies of the decade. The podcast is a fun and casual look at some of the most iconic movies ever, so check out the pod to see if your favorite has been covered.

“Every Outfit”
Julia Koscelnik | Contributing Culture Editor – Entertainment
Since launching their viral Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc in 2016, writer and director Lauren Garroni and designer Chelsea Fairless have amassed a following of more than 700,000 – including Sarah Jessica Parker – as they continue on their quest to document and dissect the fashion on the “Sex and the City” franchise. Five years later, they launched the “Every Outfit” podcast to bring their niche fashion and pop culture commentary to a more general audience, discussing everything from award shows to fashion week to the latest viral pop culture moments. The two still unpack the intricacies of the “Sex and the City” universe on the podcast about once a month, recapping episodes of the original series and movies as well as the new HBO Max reboot “And Just Like That.” Listening to Fairless and Garroni chat feels like sipping a cosmo with your best friend, so tune in every Friday to debrief with your new besties.

“Las Culturistas”
Caitlin Kitson | Assistant News Editor
If you’re looking for a podcast that will help you stay up to date on all things pop culture, look no further than “Las Culturistas.” Hosted by comedians and best friends Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, this hilarious and topical weekly podcast takes you through the cultural happenings of the week, like the campy horror film “M3GAN” or the latest drama on “The Real Housewives of Miami.” Yang and Rogers pose burning questions to special guests, like actors KeKe Palmer and Michelle Yeoh, diving into their careers and personal lives. Every episode wraps up with a segment called “I Don’t Think So Honey,” where Yang, Rogers and their guests each take 60 seconds to rant about something in pop culture they find frustrating. No matter the topic or guest, listening to an episode of “Las Culturistas” will have you dying of laughter and feeling like you’re hanging out with your best friends.

“Behind the Bastards”
Tara Suter | Events Editor
If you’re a history nerd, it can feel like you’re always looking for a podcast that delves deep into compelling historical moments. It’s easy to get sick of having a stuffy old professor tell you about the grand triumph of some random general’s battle strategy 200 years ago, so sometimes you need to get your history fix in a more engaging forum. That is why you’ll love “Behind the Bastards,” hosted by rebellious and punk-ish Portland-based journalist Robert Evans. The twice-weekly series examines the lives and exploits of people (or companies, organizations, etc.) whom Evans deems the worst in human history, ranging from cult leaders to Supreme Court justices, telling their story to the special guest. Evans’ trademark sardonic humor and wacky advertisement transitions combined with his in-depth research make the series stand out from the crowded genre of history podcasts.

“Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day”
Grace Miller | Design Editor
Do you want to learn something new in two minutes every day? Merriam-Webster’s daily word podcast is a great audio resource for those looking to broaden their vocabulary, featuring a different word each day. The brevity of the episodes – just two minutes each – make them the perfect listen for getting ready, eating breakfast or walking to class. The episodes pronounce and spell each word, outline its part of speech and use the word in a sentence, before delving into deeper historical context that might apply. The featured words range from commonly misused to obscure and unheard of like tantamount, onerous and anachronism. By listening you’ll be sure to both strengthen your current knowledge and branch out to explore what is only the tip of the language iceberg.

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