Dish of the Week: Say Cheese’s Apple & Brie Sandwich

Media Credit: Lily Speredelozzi I Photographer

Crunchy sourdough bread, crispy sliced granny smith apples and gooey brie cheese seamlessly combine to create a sensory experience and a memorable moment for your tastebuds.

Nestled near a quiet corner off M Street in Georgetown, Say Cheese’s mom-and-pop feel combined with high-quality cheeses like smoked gouda, brie and grilled halloumi make it a must-visit.

Just a 20-minute walk from the heart of campus, Say Cheese has offered an extensive menu consisting of all-day breakfast, sandwiches, smoothies and more since opening in 2018. Bright oranges and yellows light the festive exterior of the 29th Street eatery, and its scenic view of the historic shopping area in Georgetown gives a warm welcome to customers before wowing them with creative grilled cheese sandwiches and delicious smoothies.

Immediately upon entering the small, quiet shop, the owner and sole employee inside at the time ensured I received the best possible experience in the establishment. The exceptional customer service and hospitable, welcoming environment put customers at ease before they enjoy what feels like a home-cooked meal with a thoughtful presentation and cozy interior. Since the restaurant became a GWorld vendor in fall 2019 and adopted Meal Deals this year, the owner says student presence has slowly been increasing.

I ordered the signature Apple & Brie Sandwich ($8.50), an out-of-the-box grilled cheese sandwich and a popular Say Cheese specialty that packs a medley of complementary flavors and textures. Crunchy sourdough bread, crispy sliced granny smith apples and gooey brie cheese seamlessly combine to create a sensory experience and a memorable moment for your tastebuds. To finish off this delicious trio, patrons can choose a fig spread or mango chutney that top the contents. I chose the fig spread, which added substantially to the dish overall and brought out the most prominent flavors.

Not only were the flavors incredible, the presentation and service took this dish above and beyond. Each sandwich is made right in front of you, ensuring fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Other specialty sandwiches include the Taste of New York, the Turkey & Apple Butter and The Goat, all of which come with options for wheat, rye or sourdough and a bag of chips. Jumping over to the main sandwich menu, the Gouda Crunch ($8.50) once again boasts a rare combination of textures with melted gouda cheese over crunchy potato chips. This scrumptious sandwich pairs exceptionally well with the warm and hearty tomato soup dip ($2 extra).

It is impossible to ignore the appeal of the Classic Combo, a classic cheddar grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup ($10.50), perched atop the sandwich menu. A childhood favorite for people everywhere, few can resist such a comforting meal – particularly when surrounded by the homey interior decor of Say Cheese.

The menu doesn’t stop with sandwiches – there is something for everyone to enjoy on the seemingly never-ending list. Whether you are looking for soup, salad, coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes or just a bag of chips, Say Cheese should be the first stop on your next walk through Georgetown.

Although coffee may not be first on your list of menu items to try at Say Cheese, don’t skip out on their extensive list of caffeinated beverages that also includes chai and matcha. Not only are these beverages tasty, but they are also some of the cheapest coffee you will ever find in the District, especially where coffee shops frequently charge a big buck for added flavors or alternative milks. I tried the 20 oz. iced chai latte with almond milk ($3.95), which was just the right afternoon pick-me-up.

While dining on campus may seem more convenient, especially as the weather starts to cool down and walking becomes less desirable, consider making the short trip with your friends and cozying up with a grilled cheese and some warm tomato soup just a short walk away at Say Cheese. You won’t find a better grilled cheese sandwich in the District.

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