2022 Commencement Guide

For the first time in three years, GW will host its traditional spring Commencement on the National Mall Sunday. Read Cover Story

Looking Ahead

The Class of 2022 shares parting advice for new students

Reflecting on their last four years at GW, graduating seniors advise that freshmen learn to adapt to unexpected changes to make the most out of their college experiences.

Seniors discuss post-graduation plans

From working at the National Parks Service to tutoring through a student-run non-profit, seniors are preparing for a variety of different lifestyles post-grad.

Activities & Gifts

COVID-safe destinations to take your family when they visit

Here are some of our picks of activities that will keep you save from the crowds during Commencement weekend.

Take your family to these smaller, hidden-gem museums during Commencement weekend

These lesser known museums offer a more intimate, tranquil atmosphere than the rowdy museums that tourists will likely infiltrate over the weekend.

Support these alumni-owned businesses for graduation gifts

From avant-garde clothing to mini cakes sold in jars, these alumni-owned businesses have the perfect gift for any graduate.

Visit these historic restaurants that will leave your family with a taste of D.C. history

Visit these must-try dining landmarks around the District for a taste of culture and history during your family’s stay in the nation’s capital.

Senior Reflections

Seniors share ways they incorporated their home culture into GW during their last four years

Students said they had shared their home culture with their new college friends, many of whom had not been exposed to a variety of backgrounds before.

Look back on these #OnlyAtGW Moments over the past four years

Take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the most bizarre events that took place at GW since August 2018.

“You just have to move forward:” Reflecting on seniors’ COVID college careers

The class of 2022 will graduate as the first – and so far, only – to revert from in-person to online college life before returning to the physical campus.

This or That: Throwback pop culture trends that defined the Class of 2022’s childhood

From Webkinz to Hot Topic to One Direction, take a look back on some of the hottest fads through the years.