Best student-run account: @gwu.fitcheck

Media Credit: Photo Illustration by Grace Hromin | Senior Photo Editor

gwu.fitcheck's snappy and satisfying video formats highlighting student fashion leave you waiting for the next post.

Readers’ pick: @gwu_affirmations

The student-run TikTok account, @gwu.fitcheck has gained popularity this academic year for the creative and entertaining spotlight it shines on student fashion.

The account was created by two friends, senior and Hatchet culture reporter Rhyma Asim and junior Beatrice Phillips, as a way to connect students through fashion and foster a sense of community surrounding student life on campus. Since they posted their first TikTok in late September, the account has racked up more than 2,500 followers and garnered almost 80,000 likes.

As TikTok has ridden its wave of popularity, many GW students have also found success on the video app. And student-run accounts across social media platforms have also been on the rise with new accounts like @gwdeli_reviews.

But gwu.fitcheck stands out as the best for highlighting an integral part of GW’s culture: student fashion. Its snappy and satisfying video formats leave you waiting for the next post.

Asim and Phillips edit their TikToks as montage videos featuring one-second snapshots of different student outfits and are paired with trending TikTok audios, helping to spread their videos on to student’s For You pages. But many of gwu.fitcheck’s videos have gained traction on TikTok beyond the GW community. Their most popular video, titled GW Tote Bag Tour, has gained more than 190 thousand views.

The videos are also adorned with colorful, moving letters to spell out titles like “What GW is Wearing” and creative alternatives like “What GW is Wearing, zodiac sign edition.” The account is not only aesthetically pleasing with its anthology of stylish outfits, but also features student organizations, like Pop-Thrift and the Student Music Coalition.

Phillips and Asim have decided to explore other facets of GW and D.C. culture in addition to fashion. Through this, they hope gwu.fitcheck can be a platform to connect their viewers with groups on campus they could become a part of. They hope this can help student clubs expand as well as help underclassmen find a new community to join.

Throughout the rest of the semester the owners of the account hope to continue featuring local businesses around D.C. that students might enjoy. Like in their most recent video, Phillips and Asim feature the popular cafe and study spot, Mercy Me.

Whether you’re looking to quickly gain some fashion inspiration or are curious to learn about a new student organization or two, be sure to give gwu.fitcheck a follow on TikTok.

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