Best spot to eat alone between classes: District House basement

Media Credit: Auden Yurman | Assistant Photo Editor

Your first seat choice should be the small square tables tucked inside the cushioned booth-like sections lining the left side of the basement.

Readers’ pick: District House basement

It can be hard to find the right spot to eat your lunch between a busy day of classes, but the basement of District House proves to be a consistently superior choice to enjoy a meal alone.

District’s basement has all of the amenities to make a solo lunch sesh enjoyable: multiple food options to choose from, more outlets than the University Student Center and an abundant selection of seating. It can sometimes be awkward to sit and eat alone, but the bustle of District along with seating options suitable for one make you feel unnoticeable in the space.

The variety of food vendors from Chick-fil-A, Kin’s Sushi and GRK to Sol, Wiseguy Pizza and Peet’s makes it the ideal spot if you can’t decide what to grab for lunch. In the coming semesters, students can expect a full renovation of the basement as it becomes a private dining hall, but you’ll be able to find Kin’s Sushi in Shenkman Hall.

The main floor is always packed with people around meal times, so after a quick scout around the floor, be sure to grab any open seat you see.

Your first choice for seating should be the small square tables tucked inside the cushioned booth-like sections lining the left side of the basement. The table space for work, convenient outlet box and comfortable cushioned seat are hard to beat. But the high-top tables with outlets in the middle, like the ones in the student center, are also a good choice.

For a quieter place to study and eat, head down to the lower level where there’s high-top seating, small booths perfect for one person and regular table seating. The outlet selection on this lower floor is just as sufficient as upstairs, so you don’t have to worry about your devices dying if you want to do work while eating lunch.

For a private place to eat or study, District has several study rooms that you can book.

With a constant stream of people passing through, student organization meetings or fundraisers and tour groups waltzing through, District is another prime spot to people watch to entertain yourself while you eat lunch alone.

During nonmeal times, District is on the quieter side, which makes for a productive environment to work and snack. The grab-and-go nature of the District dining options lends itself to the schedule of a busy student, making it the ideal place to stop between classes.

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