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2022 SA Elections Guide

Here’s what you need to know for election day Tuesday and Wednesday as students vote for senate, presidential and vice presidential candidates.

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Candidates for President

There are two candidates running for SA’s top spot this year.

Candidates for Vice President

There are two candidates running for executive vice president this year.

JEC worked to ramp up messaging, support in-person campaigning during election season

JEC chair Trip Johnson said he expects more than 5,000 students to vote inthe SA’s first in-person election season in three years.


By Henry Huvos

SA campaign teams strategize for first fully in-person campaign in three years

Several candidates broke from SA election season tradition, opting to run without a campaign staff to help rally votes in a quiet election.


By Ianne Salvosa and Nikki Ghaemi

Fact check: Assessing candidates’ policy ideas

Many of the candidates hope to expand the role of the SA, but a number of those plans are sparse on details for how they plan to achieve them.


By Isha Trivedi and Jared Gans

Getting to the Bottom of It: What you need to know about the 2022 Student Association elections

Host Sejal Govindarao speaks with student government editor Lauren Sforza on what to know for the upcoming Student Association elections.


By Sejal Govindarao

Hatchet Editorial Board Endorsements

The Hatchet’s editorial board – a group of opinion writers and staff members on Hatchet staff who are not affiliated with the news section – interviewed all presidential and executive vice president candidates about their platforms in March. Here’s who they decided to endorse for each position.

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