How to support Ukraine during Russia’s invasion

Media Credit: Colin Bohula | Staff Photographer

With hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from Ukraine, here’s some organizations springing into action to provide humanitarian assistance.

In the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, consider supporting organizations providing Ukraine with humanitarian assistance, aiding Ukrainian refugees, promoting Ukrainian culture and documenting the war.

Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine last week, hitting cities with missiles and artillery as Russian forces advanced toward Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The Russian military has inflicted hundreds of civilian casualties and injuries, and half a million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine in less than a week.

Here’s a list of organizations the GW community can donate to, volunteer with or visit to support Ukraine:

Nova Ukraine: Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit spearheading more than a dozen active projects aimed at aiding Ukraine, ranging from humanitarian assistance to cultural awareness. The organization launched ongoing humanitarian assistance projects, including a project providing Ukraine with more than $100,000 worth of supplies for the nation’s COVID-19 response, a program that provides medical supplies to Ukrainian soldiers who suffered spinal injuries and an initiative that gathers donations for vulnerable Ukranians. Donate to the organization via check, PayPal or cryptocurrency or opt to volunteer for the organization.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine: Revived Soldiers Ukraine supports wounded Ukrainian soldiers, providing medical supplies and devices like medication, prosthetics and wheelchairs. The organization funds many Ukrainian veterans’ medical treatment, including surgeries and medication and offers rehabilitation services to veterans suffering from neurological injuries at the organization’s rehabilitation center in Ukraine. To support the organization, join their Patreon, name them as your preferred nonprofit on Amazon through the Amazon Smiles program or donate on PayPal.

UN Refugee Agency: The UNHCR was established in 1950 to support refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons. The organization began operations in Ukraine more than 25 years ago and has supported Ukranians fleeing from conflict with Russia and pro-Russian separatists since 2014. The UNHCR helped repair thousands of Ukranian households damaged during conflict in Eastern Ukraine, provided hundreds of thousands of humanitarian supplies to Ukrainians impacted by the conflict and currently assists governments welcoming Ukrainian refugees. Donate to UNHCR or become a UN Volunteer.

International Rescue Committee: The IRC was founded in 1933 to support the victims of humanitarian crises. IRC teams in Poland are assisting Ukrainian refugees, and the IRC is partnering with local organizations in Ukraine to respond to the crisis. Additionally, the IRC launched a petition Tuesday urging President Joe Biden’s administration to grant Ukrainians temporary protected status, which would allow Ukrainians working in the United States to stay without the risk of deportation while conflict continues. Sign the IRC’s petition, make a donation, start a fundraiser or volunteer to support the IRC.

The Kyiv Independent: The Kyiv Independent was founded just months ago after the Kyiv Post owner fired the entire staff over a disagreement about editorial independence, leading the staff to found The Kyiv Independent to fulfill the Kyiv Post’s mission of independent journalism. Currently, The Kyiv Independent’s journalists are covering the invasion of Ukraine and documenting the war with live updates on their website. Become a patron of the publication on Patreon or donate to the publication’s GoFundMe page.

Ukraine House: Ukraine House is a nonprofit that promotes Ukrainian culture and heritage through events hosted at its location in Kalorama Heights. The organization has hosted screenings of Ukrainian movies, concerts by Ukrainian bands, holiday celebrations and art exhibits. The organization is currently hosting an art exhibition called “Remembering the Revolution of Dignity and the lives of the Heavenly Hundred,” featuring 40 pieces of Ukrainian-made artwork celebrating Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution, a series of pro-reform and pro-European Union protests that occurred in late 2013 and early 2014. Follow the organization on Facebook @ukrainehousedc or attend an event at their base, 2134 Kalorama Rd. NW, to support Ukraine House.

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