Dish of the Week: Tonic’s new burgers, ranked

Media Credit: Julia Koscelnik | Photographer

Try one of Tonic's four most enticing burgers next time you want to switch up your order.

For loyal Tonic customers, it can be easy to fall back on your go-to orders, but for those looking to switch things up on their next visit, we’ve ranked the restaurant’s three new additions to its burger lineup.

The quintessential spot for students and State Department employees alike has recently added a multitude of updated lunch and dinner menu items, including three unique burgers ($16 each) featuring adventurous combinations like pineapple and chorizo. We tried and ranked each burger so you don’t have to.

Here’s how the new burger options stack up:

3. Double Trouble Burger
The Double Trouble Burger’s name references the beef and chorizo patty used in this burger, making for an eccentric menu item. The distinctive smoky and spicy flavors of the meats blend together seamlessly. The cotija cheese, grilled pineapple, ranchero sauce, lettuce and tomato toppings might not intuitively sound complementary, but they make for a harmonious blend. The sweetness and acidity of the grilled pineapple blend wonderfully with the smokiness of the ranchero sauce. But the burger is a bit too out there to function as the average person’s go-to order, placing it as third on our list.

2. Memphis Burger
Although the Memphis Burger utilizes a regular beef patty, this dish is far from boring. Pulled pork along with cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, fried onion ring, coleslaw and jalapeño aioli all blend together seamlessly on a sesame seed bun, which is the cherry on top of this delicious burger. The various textures in this sandwich are what make its taste so distinctive, from the chewiness of the pulled pork to the crunchiness of the fried onion ring. Despite being incredible, the Memphis Burger ultimately ranks second on our list as it is less of an everyday burger and may be a craving only once in a while.

1. Triple Cream Burger
Of all the burgers on the menu, the Triple Cream Burger undoubtedly comes out on top. Combining classic and out-of the-box ingredients, this burger incorporates a beef patty as well as a slice of creamy brie cheese, smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, peppercorns, au poivre sauce, lettuce and tomato. Brie cheese and sautéed mushrooms are a quintessential combination, but the peppercorns along with au poivre sauce, or black pepper steak sauce, add some spice to this delectable burger. The salty, creamy and spicy flavors will draw you back to order this burger again and again.

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