GW platforms accepting updates to personal names, pronouns

GW community members can now indicate their chosen first name, gender identity and pronouns across University platforms, officials announced in an email Thursday.

Community members can update their identifiers on their personal information section on GWeb which will carry over to Blackboard, Microsoft 360, the GW directory and GW Engage, according to the email. Community members can also submit a request through a form to update their chosen first name on Google Suite services, Zoom and Handshake.

“These changes are intended to be affirming to all members of our community by enabling everyone to indicate how they identify and would like to be addressed,” the email reads. “These changes also allow others to easily access information about how members of our community wish to be addressed, further facilitating respectful discourse.”

Student Association presidential and vice-presidential candidates have pushed for the new feature for years, suggesting a one-step process to update their first name and encouraging faculty to use students’ preferred names in class.

Community members are not required to update this information but they may do so at any time, according to the email.

The email states the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement will continue to work with remaining GW platforms to ensure chosen first name, gender identity and pronoun information will be available across all GW software. The office will collaborate with Admissions and Human Resource Management and Development to allow applicants to share these identifiers during the application process.

“Inviting candidates to share this information allows us to welcome and address them as they would like from the very beginning of their GW experience.”

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