Fashion trends to keep an eye out for on campus this fall

Media Credit: Grace Hromin | Senior Photo Editor

As students return to campus, fashion trends that gained popularity since the pandemic began are sure to be seen around the District.

Sweatpants and pajamas may have been your pandemic outfit of choice, but with in-person classes on the horizon, it’s time to show off your personal style again.

Social media has played a major role in shifting fashion trends this past year as students have been tuning into class from home. From Instagram’s redesigned shop feature, which allows users to easily purchase pieces they see on their discover page, to the influx of fashion influencers on TikTok, fashion trends have developed quickly.

Here are some trends you can expect to see around campus this fall.

Men’s Fashion

Mini bags
Everyone could use a purse, and mini bags are coming in clutch this season. Whether it’s a cross body, fanny pack or short handle shoulder bag, these mini bags are a functional statement piece to add to your everyday wardrobe.

We may have deemed the patterned knit sweaters of the 80s a fashion tragedy too soon. Patterned knit sweaters are on track to be a popular fall fashion trend for men this year. It’s only fair to credit fashion king, Harry Styles, who is commonly pictured wearing sweater knitwear, for this fashion resurgence.

Statement jewelry
It’s 2021 and gender exclusivity for jewelry wearing should be a thing of the past. The fashion community agrees, as evidenced by the popularity of statement rings, chain necklaces and decorative piercings. This trend could also be credited to Styles, whose statement jewelry usually includes a pearl necklace and chunky rings on most of his fingers.

Nicholas Anastacio | Graphics Editor

The mullet hairstyle for men, while not a traditional clothing trend, is making a huge comeback in an unironic way. What used to be a hairstyle dubbed “redneck” and “dated” is becoming a popular mainstream style for younger men. But the version of the mullet you may see on the streets will likely be a modern interpretation with a less drastic “party in the back” and a smoother transition to “business in the front.”

Women’s Fashion

Masculine chic
Borrowed from Parisian street style, masculine-chic fashion for women is on a fast rise. From oversized cotton button-downs to shoulder pads, this sharp yet sophisticated style is sure to be spotted all over campus this fall. This trend also pulls from style icons like the character Chessy from the 1998 film, The Parent Trap, and the late Princess Diana.

2000s style
What has long been recounted a decade of horrendous fashion, the 2000s are making an unexpected return to the women’s fashion scene. It’s hard to pin down an entire decade worth of fashion into a handful of trends, but pieces like low-rise jeans, colorful silk dresses, like the one Kate Hudson wore in the 2003 romantic comedy “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and heeled flip flops are bringing the style of the 2000s back onto the street.

Matching sets
Matching sets have become so popular that most major online clothing retailers have a section of their website dedicated to them specifically. From crochet shorts and tops and color-coordinated pant suits to matching workout sets, this trend is finding its way into myriad areas of women’s fashion.

The claw clip
It’s hard to think of why claw clips ever went out of style. You’re not likely to spend a day on campus without seeing this hair accessory hard at work.  This relic of the 90s, as seen used by characters in the TV show “Friends,” is both functional and stylish. And the most common styling of this accessory is with a simple upward twist of hair.

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