Best Spotify study playlist: ‘Audible Adderall’

Media Credit: Photo Illustration by Grace Hromin | Assistant Photo Editor

The playlist mixes a blend of hip hop and rock with experimental production and dubstep beats to keep listeners engaged.

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With exams on the horizon, you might find yourself seeking motivation or some mental stimulation to propel you through your work. Look no further than the playlist “Audible Adderall” on Spotify. 

The playlist, created by an unnamed user, features mainly lyric-less, lo-fi music tracks. Whether you need to drown out the chatter of your roommates and family or fight fatigue at the end of a long remote semester, the upbeat, electronic-tinged songs make this playlist your newest study buddy.

Everybody has their preference for background ambiance while studying. Some opt for classical music, while others prefer to soundtrack their studies with rap. For those who turn on their favorite playlist only to catch themselves typing the lyrics to a song playing instead of the analysis for their paper, “Audible Adderall” will bring the hype without the added distraction of catchy lyrics.

At more than 16 hours long, this playlist offers enough variety to last even the longest of study sessions. The playlist is composed of mostly wordless, laid-back electronic rock sounds and borderline EDM tracks like “Eyes Closed” and other tracks by Big Gigantic and “The Monolith” by Gramatik.

The artists featured on “Audible Adderall” range from Kid Cudi-collaborator Ratatat to producers like RJD2 and Gramatik. This mix yields a blend of hip hop and rock melodies with experimental production and dubstep beats to keep you engaged, and most importantly, awake. 

Crank up this playlist and M83’s “Outro” will have you convinced you’re in a movie’s summer montage sequence coasting down the Pacific Coast Highway instead of studying chemistry in Kogan Plaza. “Insomniac Olympics” by Blockhead will have you pumped up to write that last minute paper.

“Audible Adderall” is the best pick for a study playlist to keep even the most exhausted college student awake and studying for the final stretch before the summer. 

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