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Guide to 2021 SA Elections

Candidates running for the Student Association’s top positions say rebuilding trust is their top priority if elected to lead the body.

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Candidates for President

There are four candidates running for SA’s top spot this year.

Candidates for Vice President

There are two candidates running for vice president this year.

Hatchet Editorial Board Endorsements

The Hatchet’s editorial board – a group of opinion writers and staff members on Hatchet staff who are not affiliated with the news section – interviewed all presidential and executive vice president candidates about their platforms in March. Here’s who they decided to endorse for each position.

For President

Hannah Edwards

The editorial board felt that Edwards has the experience, passion and detailed plans needed to run the SA successfully.

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For Vice President

Kate Carpenter

It is a close call, but we believe Carpenter’s experience and specific policy plans make her the best candidate for vice president.

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Learn about how candidates navigating online campaigning.