Officials announce spring deadline to take pass/fail course

Media Credit: Hatchet File Photo

Last semester, about 7,500 students took classes on a pass/fail or Credit/No Credit basis.

Undergraduates have until April 29 to declare if they’re taking a class on a Pass/No Pass basis this semester, officials announced in an email Thursday.

The online form for students to request to take a class as Pass/No Pass will open on Apr. 15, the email states. For students in graduate and professional programs, Credit/No Credit policies and deadlines will be decided on a “school-by-school basis,” with deadlines being communicated to students individually, according to the email.

“Undergraduate programs that do not follow the university calendar, and graduate programs choosing to offer a credit/no credit option, will have varying deadlines as communicated by the relevant school or college,” the email states.

Last semester, nearly 7,500 students utilized the pass/fail or Credit/No Credit options for one of their classes. Officials said they extended the deadlines to take a class on a Pass/No Pass basis after gathering feedback from student leaders and analyzing the policy from the past two semesters it was implemented.

“Our students, faculty and staff have displayed unwavering care for one another during this difficult time,” the email states. “Thanks to the rollout of several vaccines, there is hope later in 2021, but while challenges continue in the present, we must continue to uplift every member of our community during a busy spring semester.”

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