Student-run political group hosts pre-election coverage livestream

Updated: Nov. 7, 2020 at 12:41 p.m.

A student-led political analysis group outlet hosted a one-hour Facebook livestream Tuesday afternoon to discuss election projections with a political science professor and a student leader.

Seniors Zachary Bernstein, Blake Goodman and Zach Sinykin launched the outlet Eyes on the Capitol in January 2018 to publish political news, opinion pieces and analysis of national politics. A couple of hours before the first polls closed on Election Day, the trio sat down to talk with Jeff Bernstein, a professor of political science at Eastern Michigan University and GW College Republicans Chairman Josh Kutner to hear out their analysis on election results.

Bernstein introduced his father, Jeff Bernstein, as the first guest, joking that while “a lot of news networks talk about their in house talent,” he literally has an in-house expert. Jeff Bernstein said “something pretty significant” would need to happen for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to lose the election.

Professor Bernstein said voter demographics like Catholic Americans, White males without a college degree and African Americans were key to deciding the outcome of the 2016 presidential race. He said religious matters are usually a “code word” for “abortion,” prompting many Catholics to endorse the candidate who supports that cause, which was President Donald Trump four years ago.

Jeff Bernstein added that other topics, like how votes will be reported in waves this year depending on the number of mail-in ballots, may lag election results.

“Count all the votes,” he said. “Count all the votes.”

Kutner was introduced onto the livestream next, saying he hopes for Trump’s victory and for the Republican senate races.

“There is definitely more optimism at least among the college Republicans that I speak to than pollsters are saying,” he said.

GW College Republicans student leaders said the organization is split on their support for Trump this election cycle.

Although after showing a print out of his state by state predictions, Kutner admitted that it might be a rough night.

“If my predictions are right, you might be having a more fun night than me who will be sweating through this tie. But this is what political junkies live for,” Kutner said.

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