Dish of the Week: Goodies Frozen Custard’s rum cake

Media Credit: Lindsay Paulen | Senior Staff Photographer

Goodies Frozen Custard's rum cake is well worth the Metro ride to Virginia.

As fall sets in, I’ve found myself searching for ways to hold onto summer. Luckily, the food truck Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats has me covered.

The 1950s-inspired custard truck is typically located in Alexandria, Virginia, at 200 Commerce St., but check Instagram for the truck’s weekend location schedule before you go. If you somehow miss the joint’s bright red, white and blue truck, you’ll be sure to find it by the long line of people that is typically waiting for sweet treats.

The menu at Goodies Frozen Custard is constantly changing, with seasonal items and daily specials being rotated in and out. But some menu staples include The Boogie Woogie ($8), a sundae with vanilla bean frozen custard topped with pecans and drizzled with chocolate and caramel, and The Big Apple ($10), an apple cider cake donut split in half and stuffed with vanilla bean frozen custard and showered with caramel sauce.

For something more extravagant, daily specials ($10) include rotating menu items – all of which come with a heaping serving of frozen custard – like banana pudding, peach cobbler and apple pie.

The showstopper at Goodies is the rum cake ($10), one of the truck’s daily specials. The dish begins with a thick slice of homemade rum cake that is split open and then loaded with a huge scoop of the vanilla bean frozen custard. The dish is then drizzled with a decadent caramel sauce.

The rum cake itself is well worth a trip to Goodies. It is rich and buttery and melts in your mouth. Somehow it still keeps its integrity when paired with the frozen custard and soaks up any of the melted custard.

The store’s frozen custard reminded me how underrated custard really is. I was blown away by the intensely creamy consistency, decadent texture and flavorful taste of vanilla bean. The frozen custard also balanced out the underlying and deep taste of rum in the cake. Despite a drizzling of caramel on top of the cake and frozen custard, I was surprised that the dish wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet – in fact, it actually had a pretty balanced flavor profile.

The rum cake dish was not only delicious, but it was also unlike any other dessert dish I had ever had before.

For some of the best frozen treats in the DMV, Goodies Frozen Custard is worth the long lines and Metro ride to Virginia.

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