The Hatchet’s Amazon picks to jumpstart your online semester

Media Credit: Sarah Urtz | Senior Staff Photographer

Check out our staff's picks for must-haves from Amazon this back-to-school shopping season.

Everyone’s school supply list is looking a little different than usual this year.

This time of the school year usually warrants last-minute trips to Target, Walmart or the campus bookstore to pick up everything you need to start campus living and schoolwork. But as you transition to navigate school from home this year, overnight Amazon finds may become your new best friend.

We asked a few Hatchet editors what kinds of items they’d recommend off Amazon. Here’s what they suggest:

Sarah Roach | Editor in chief

Electronic highlighter ($79)

“I’m the type of person who likes to hold a textbook while I’m reading, but I always hated turning to my computer to write down notes. I bought this electronic highlighter last week and tested it out during the first week of classes. I basically highlight any text on a physical page, and the sentence will show up on a Google document. I can also read the text aloud and it’ll translate them onto my laptop. When I’m studying for midterms down the line, I can look back at all of the notes I highlighted and it’ll be there for me like I wrote them myself.”

Amy Liu | Contributing social media director

Blue light glasses ($18)

“I’ve been spending way more time on my computer and phone because of virtual classes and internships, and sometimes I find myself staring at a screen for hours. I found that these blue light glasses help with headaches and eye fatigue that comes with increased screen time, so whether you’re sitting through a three-hour Zoom lecture or going on TikTok in between classes, you won’t feel as tired and burnt out by the end of the day.”

Cold brew coffee maker ($22)

“I found myself needing more caffeine throughout the day just because I’m spending so much time at home and not moving. My body feels naturally relaxed and lazy. This cold brew coffee maker is an easy and quick way to make my favorite coffee drink. Cold brews really help me with this because for me they are a little stronger and more refreshing and I don’t feel as jittery after I drink it, and you can adjust the water-to-caffeine ratio to be how strong you want it to be.”

Yoga mat ($20)

“With a lot of gyms in D.C. and around the country closed, I’ve been turning to virtual workouts. From popular Youtube creators like Chloe Ting to online sessions by Orange Theory Fitness or Soul Cycle, virtual workouts are super fun and a great way to get a sweat session to wake you up and get you moving since you’re not walking 10 minutes from Thurston to Funger Hall anymore. A lot of these classes don’t require any equipment except for a yoga mat, which you can grab off Amazon.” 

Olivia Columbus | Design editor

Hammock ($28)

“I recently bought this hammock from Amazon that I can hang up between two trees. I really like that I can take it outside and get some fresh air in between classes or go outside to do work in it. Living in the city but not having access to campus spaces can leave you feeling really cooped up, so being able to spend some time outside in my hammock has been a great way to change up my scenery when I would have previously utilized campus spaces to do work.”

Anna Boone | Culture editor

Watercolor paint set ($30)

“At the end of a long day of classes, I crave a creative release that doesn’t involve looking at my computer or using my phone. After purchasing this watercolor paint set, I set up the paints, a palette and a cup with water and brushes on my desk. So whenever I feel anxious, bored or pent-up, I open my sketchbook and doodle with the watercolors. Sometimes if I can’t sleep, I’ll just pop over to my desk and paint until I start nodding off.”

CBD oil ($37)

“I’ve always had pretty bad migraines, and the only thing that has ever helped them was a strong prescription that made me groggy. But early this summer, I started on a morning routine of taking this lemon-ginger CBD oil, and my migraines have become less frequent. Especially during the school year when stress is high, I know this part of my routine will help with my overall health and anxiety as well as my headaches. The lemon and ginger flavoring are also great to give your digestive system a wake-up in the mornings.”

Diego Mendoza | Contributing culture editor

6-port USB charger ($26)

“Virtually 75 percent of all things I own today need to be charged via USB. My laptop doesn’t have enough ports, and I have lost all the USB socket cubes that come along with new devices. Instead of having to run to CVS and purchase a new adapter, this charging station has room for six cables, and the long cord means you can still lay in bed while on your phone. Best of all, the charger has current-adjusting technology, which means all of your devices will charge quickly and you won’t have to worry about accidentally frying their batteries.”

Hannah Thacker | Opinions Editor

Reusable water bottle ($14.99)

“This is my absolute favorite water bottle. As someone who is consistently rotating between coffee, tea and energy drinks, I found that this water bottle helps me stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only does it have a modern look, but the times of day on the side help to keep track of how much water you should be drinking in a day. Even when you don’t remember to drink at the right times, it helps to serve as a visual reminder of how much water you should be drinking.”

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