Dishes and drinks to try for an at-home graduation brunch

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Celebrating while staying at home? Here are some recipes to help you celebrate your graduation.

The best part of any celebration is the food, especially when the day starts off with a celebratory brunch.

While we may not be able to gather to celebrate the Class of 2020’s graduation together, we can certainly celebrate at home by watching GW’s virtual Commencement Sunday with a mimosa or two by our sides. Before you sit down to watch the ceremony, prepare some brunch dishes and drinks to mark the occasion.

On the menu
You haven’t really had brunch if you don’t feel like taking a nap afterward. Here are some rich and decadent menu items to ensure a good snooze.

Chocolate orange waffles
Adding dark chocolate and zesty orange to waffles will turn a classic into a new favorite, excellent for a celebratory brunch. You can serve these with whipped cream and fresh fruit.
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Gluten-free biscuits with garlic and herbs
This gluten-free version of a classic will make any gluten-free – or not – brunch attendees happy. These savory biscuits packed with garlic and a herby punch would be delicious plain or topped with any soft cheese or butter.
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Pastrami and potato hash with fried eggs
No brunch menu is complete without a pile of fried potatoes and eggs. This dish is that and more. The pastrami adds a savory flavor, and the green onion and sour cream topping will lighten everything up.
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Anna Boone | Staff Photographer

Spaghetti carbonara frittata
This play on a traditional frittata gives you an excuse to indulge in a rich Italian classic at brunch. Spaghetti carbonara’s key ingredients of pancetta, pasta, pecorino cheese, black pepper and eggs are transformed into an entirely new dish.
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Vegan banana cake
Imagine banana bread, but cake. This vegan banana cake might be dairy- and egg- free, but it’s packed with other flavors. A sweet and fruity end to a brunch commencement celebration, this cake could be served with your favorite coconut whipped cream or maple syrup.
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At the at-home bar
Every brunch menu needs a few drinks. Here are a few cocktails sure to spice up your family celebration:

Mimosa mojito
This combination of two classic drinks mixes the orange juice and champagne of a mimosa with the mint and rum of a mojito to create a summery, light accompaniment to your rich brunch food.
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Sparkling pomegranate punch
Mix a sparkling wine like prosecco with sweet, tart pomegranate juice to get this fizzy drink just right for your celebration. This recipe makes a whole batch of drinks at once, so you’ll have time to sit down and enjoy the party along with your guests.
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Paloma fizz mocktail
This nonalcoholic drink combines rosemary, sparkling water and grapefruit juice to ensure non-drinkers in the group can still take part in the celebration. A shot of alcohol would be an easy addition for those who are drinking.
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PG-13 Singapore sling
The traditional, non-virgin iteration of the Singapore Sling is a gin cocktail named after the city where it was created. If you ordered one at the bar, you’d get a cherry brandy, gin and soda shaken cocktail garnished with pineapple. This mocktail version leans into the drink’s fruity notes with a base of pineapple, mango and pomegranate juice with lime and tonic water to garnish.
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