The Hatchet’s favorite podcasts for you to binge in quarantine

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From true crime to politics, check out Hatchet editors' top podcast picks while in quarantine.

Now that you have your phone and earphones readily nearby in quarantine, you have no excuse to not binge that podcast you’ve wanted to check out for months.

Whether you’re looking to stay engaged in current events with podcasts like “The Daily” or take a break from today’s news with the eerie horror podcast “Lore,” we have you covered. Each section of The Hatchet selected their favorite podcast to listen to in their free time.

Here are The Hatchet’s top podcast picks, by section:

News’ pick: “The Daily” by The New York Times
Length: 20 to 30 minutes
Genre: News, long-form journalism

Lia DeGroot, the metro news editor, selected “The Daily” by The New York Times as her favorite podcast for its in-depth reporting by host and reporter Michael Barbaro. DeGroot said Barbaro makes complex issues like the COVID-19 pandemic more digestible for listeners, including interviews with knowledgeable Times reporters.

The podcast has recently dedicated each episode to a different issue related to coronavirus, including the shortage of medical supplies, the search for a COVID-19 vaccine and interviews with Dr. Anthony Fauci and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“The Daily is the perfect podcast to listen to over your morning coffee, matcha or tea while you’re just getting going in the morning,” she said. “Instead of spitting out a few of the day’s most important headlines, Michael Barbaro calmly and thoroughly explains just one of the day’s biggest news stories.”

Listen to The Daily at, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. Episodes air every weekday before 6 a.m.

Culture’s pick: “How I Built This” by NPR
Length: 15 to 90 minutes
Genre: Business

As the contributing culture editor for The Hatchet, my favorite podcast is “How I Built This” by NPR. The show provides an intimate portrait of American entrepreneurs by NPR journalist Guy Raz. The podcast inspires creativity and demonstrates that anyone can make their business successful with perseverance and individuality.

Raz is not afraid to ask his guests bold questions about topics like finances and personal battles in their business pursuits so listeners receive a holistic view of each entrepreneur’s path to success. He hosts guests with backgrounds across fields, bringing in guests ranging from Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti to the mastermind behind Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Jeni Britton Bauer.

Listen at, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Pocket Casts. Episodes air weekly on Mondays.

Opinions’ pick: “Lore” by Aaron Mahnke
Length: 15 to 45 minutes
Genre: Horror, non-fiction

Contributing Opinions Editor Hannah Thacker chose “Lore” as her go-to podcast. The show explores non-fiction scary stories, revealing the darker side of human history. She said the host, writer Aaron Mahnke, explains true stories like a fictional ghost story told by a campfire. Episodes explore topics from the origins of the vampire to the backstory of shipwrecks.

“’Lore’ explores all the legends and folk stories humans have left behind,” Thacker said. “When listening, you can’t help but learn about the history we have left behind but also wonder about what is really out there.”

Listen at, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or iHeartRadio. Episodes air biweekly on Mondays.

Photo’s pick: “Political Gabfest” by Slate
Length: 40 to 90 minutes
Genre: Politics

Lillian Bautista, an assistant photo editor, chose “Political Gabfest” by Slate Magazine. Led by journalists John Dickerson from “60 Minutes,” Emily Bazelon from The New York Times and David Plotz from Slate, the podcast offers legal and journalistic analysis of the biggest political happenings of the week.

“As both a photo editor and political communication major, I love journalism on the principle of informing the public and telling a story,” she said. “Slate’s ‘Political Gabfest’ is one of my favorite podcasts for this very reason.”

Listen on, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. Episodes air weekly on Thursdays.

Podcast’s pick: “In the Dark” by American Public Media
Length: 15 to 60 minutes
Genre: Investigative journalism

Podcast producer Meredith Roaten recommends the podcast “In The Dark” for those who want to know more about crime stories.

The podcast is divided into two seasons, the first that investigates the unsolved abduction of Jacob Wetterling and the second that uncovers the story of Curtis Flowers, who was convicted of murder more than 20 years ago and sits on death row despite winning appeals and maintaining his innocence. The show brought attention to Flower’s case and led the Supreme Court to reverse Flower’s death row sentence.

“I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in true crime but also social justice,” she said. “The reporters make you feel like you know the people in the stories very personally.”

Listen on NPR One, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts or RadioPublic. Episodes are split into seasons and air weekly.

Copy’s pick: “Finding Mastery,” by Dr. Michael Gervais
Length: 40 minutes to two hours
Psychology, self-improvement

If you’re looking to become more skilled at your craft, Assistant Copy Editor Ed Prestera said “Finding Mastery” is the podcast for you.

Psychologist Michael Gervais has a professional background in training high-performing individuals, including Olympic athletes and Fortune 100 CEOs, into developing a mindset for success. In his podcast, he uses his knowledge and expert interviews to offer suggestions on how to master a practice.

“This podcast will leave you smarter and inspired to pursue your passions with a new perspective,” he said.

Listen on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Episodes air biweekly.

Management’s pick: “Office Ladies” by Earwolf
Length: 60 to 90 minutes

Managing Director Leah Potter said she listens to the podcast “Office Ladies” to destress during her time in quarantine.

The show is hosted by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, who played Angela Martin and Pam Beesly, respectively, in “The Office.” The hosts discuss episodes of “The Office” and bring on actors from the show to talk about the humor they incorporated into the acclaimed show.

“My friend recommended that I listen to the ‘Office Ladies’ podcast as a way to decompress during quarantine,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in how writers utilize humor, and this podcast explains how the creators and writers of ‘The Office’ incorporated satire and absurdity in their scripts.”

Listen to ‘Office Ladies’ on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio or Episodes air weekly on Wednesdays.

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