Secret Santa for every type of person

Media Credit: Photo Illustration by Jack Fonseca | Assistant Photo Editor

Finding the perfect gift for your Secret Santa can be a challenge, but these gifts will help you find something for everyone in your social circle.

When it comes to gift-giving for Secret Santa, sometimes it’s the luck of the draw.

You might get your favorite co-worker, your secret crush or a person you don’t know at all. Whoever it is, The Hatchet has gift ideas for every type of person.

For your favorite co-worker

Gift your favorite co-worker with something they could use in and out of the office. Opt for an animal-shaped pen holder ($13) that could look like 14 different animals like pandas and hedgehogs. Pair the gift with a set of Muji colored pens ($11) to place in the pen holder.

If they always show up to work with a Starbucks coffee every day, give them their own french press coffee maker ($19) and a highly rated 20-ounce Yeti tumbler ($30) to bring their homemade coffee in a cup that will stay hot for the whole day.

For the goofy friend

For the person who’s always cracking jokes or can quote any comedy show line by line, give them a gift that will keep them laughing. The ‘What Do You Meme‘ card game ($30) features 75 different meme cards and 360 caption cards that players use to compete for the best meme caption combination. Or, buy them a pair of Kermit “That’s None of My Business” meme socks ($13) that they’re bound to rock daily.

For your crush

Whether your crush loves movies, self-care or endless snacks, piece together a DIY gift basket to show them you know everything they like. This gift gives you the freedom of spending as much or as little as you want, but start off by buying a small box and then fill it up with whatever you think they would love. In addition to their favorite snacks, you can add face masks ($6), a winter accessories set ($15) or any of these Urban Outfitters stocking stuffers for your femme crushes.

For a more masculine gift, add in this water-resistant armband iPhone case ($10) to use while working out, an Adidas beanie ($22) or a leather Airpods case ($20). All these gifts are great individually, but making a gift basket with different, small gifts shows off your creativity and shows your crush you put a lot of thought into the gift.

For your boss

Whether you love or hate your boss, getting them the right gift could put you in their good graces. If you’re willing to spend some extra money to fuel their caffeine cravings during long work hours, Amazon’s Starbucks gift set ($32) – which comes with a Starbucks mug and an assortment of coffee, tea and cookies in a wooden basket – does the trick.

For a less traditional gift, liven up your boss’s desk with a fun desk toy like these Speks Magnetic ‘Un-Blocks,’ ($14.95) which can be shaped into desk art or used to relieve stress for fidgety fingers.

For the ‘influencer’

For the person who’s always up to date with the latest trends and has an Instagram feed to die for, give them fairy lights ($24) or a set of succulents ($20) to add stylish decorations to their residence hall room or a set of stickers ($9) to decorate their water bottle.

If your secret Santa’s social media feed is always active with high-quality photos, better their selfie game with this iPhone case ($30) that comes with a selfie light and the classic selfie stick ($10) that they can bring with them anywhere.

For the adventurer

If your secret santa never says no to a new adventure, get them a ticket stub diary ($12) so they can keep mementos from their travels and write about their trips. You could also gift them an illustrated travel journal ($11) to mark down everything from flight details to reviews of the food to the tips from locals. They might also enjoy a collapsible, reusable water bottle from Que, which they can bring on every trip without taking up too much space.

For the person you don’t like

It’s hard to buy a gift for a person you really don’t want to spend money on, but there are some ways to shop for them without giving away any negative feelings. You could rummage through your room and piece together some items that you’ve never used before. Or, buy them a snack pack ($25) that chooses all the snacks for you and gets the process out of the way. 

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