Men’s and women’s squash drop matches to Pennsylvania

Media Credit: Jennifer Cuyuch | Photographer

Junior Salim Khan lost his match at the No. 2 spot on the ladder.

Men’s and women’s squash dropped a weekend matchup to Pennsylvania Saturday to close out its four-game homestand.

The Quakers (4-0) swept the No. 9 men’s team (1-3) 9–0 up and down the ladder. The No. 15 women’s team (1-3) nabbed three victories but dropped the remaining six games against No. 7 Pennsylvania for a 6–3 finish.

On the men’s side, junior Mohammad Alterki and junior Inaki De Larrauri extended their matches into extra games at No. 1 and No. 5 on the ladder, respectively, but the other seven Colonials fell in three games.

Junior Salim Khan battled with sophomore Aly Abou Eleinen at the No. 2 rung of the ladder, dropping the first two games by a slim two-point margin. The rallies were long and Khan and Eleinen hustled on the court to return the ball. After taking a 2-0 lead, Eleinen finished the match with an 11–6 victory over Khan.

At the No. 7 spot, freshman David Varela exchanged points with freshman Saksham Choudhary throughout the first game and took an 8-7 lead. Choudhary bounced back and captured the game 11–9. He continued to nab points and eventually won the second game 11–7 and the third game 11–3.

Junior Luke Stauffer was the only Colonial to take a game into extra points, losing 12–10 to freshman Tushar Shahani. He dropped all three games in his match.

On the women’s side, junior Zoe Foo Yuk Han and senior Engy Elmandouh won in four and five games, respectively. Foo Yuk Han continued her win streak at the No. 1 spot on the ladder, extending it to four games. Elmandouh nabbed her second win of the season at the No. 2 rung on the ladder.

Hadley Chittum | Staff Photographer

Junior Zoe Foo Yuk Han won four games.

Foo Yuk Han took on senior Jessica Davis. The two played long rallies, working hard to earn points throughout the match. Back-and-forth games kept the contest close, but Foo Yuk Han battled back after Davis won the second, notching the next two to win 3–1.

The Colonials who won their matches extended the match into extra games. Senior Emma Tryon, junior Zuha Nazir and Foo Yuk Han forced a game into extra points.

Nazir dropped the first game in her match at the No. 4 spot, but she bounced back to win 3–2. Pennsylvania freshman Ashley Manning claimed the first game 11–4, but Nazir notched the second game by a four-point margin. Manning took an 11–6 game three wins before Nazir finished the match on a two-game win streak, topping her by an average of 2.5 points.

The Colonials will not play in December and will return to action back home Jan. 7 to take on Trinity College at 2 p.m.

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