Holiday-themed drinking games to get in the spirit

Media Credit: Photo Illustration by Jack Fonseca | Assistant Photo Editor

Drinking games like "Never have I Evergreen" and "All I want for Christmas is you to..." are holiday spins on classic games.

If you’re hosting a holiday party and are worried about how to break the ice, spice up a basic beer pong game with some holiday-themed drinking games.

Here are some ideas on how to get into the Christmas spirit – literally and figuratively.

Santa’s Hat

Take a drink each time a character in the movie appears to be “wearing” Santa’s hat.

What you’ll need: two Santa hats, a drink of your choice, your favorite Christmas movie

The rules:
1) Place a Santa hat on the left and right corners of the television.
2) Play the movie. You could go with holiday classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Home Alone,” “The Santa Clause” or “Elf.”
3) Each time a character in the movie moves to the edge of the screen where they appear to be “wearing” Santa’s hat, players must take a drink.

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

You’ll be saying “good grief” after each round of this drinking game. Take a swig of a beverage of your choice whenever you hear one of the famed phrases from the “Charlie Brown Christmas” movie.

What you’ll need: a “Charlie Brown Christmas” movie, a drink of your choice

The rules:
Take a drink each time:
1) Someone says, “Good grief”
2) Someone bullies Charlie Brown
3) Someone says “Christmas”

Never Have I Evergreen

This holiday rendition of “Never Have I Ever” will reveal your friends’ wildest holiday stories. Each person will announce something they’ve never done during the holiday season and if you’ve done it, you’ll have to drink.

What you’ll need: a drink of your choice

The rules:
1) Players take turns saying things they have never done during December, Christmas or Hanukkah.
Players who have done the named act must take a drink. For example, the first player might say, “Never have I ever gotten a picture with Santa.”
2) Players who have snapped a picture with Santa Claus must drink.

Rein-beer Pong

Why play normal beer pong when you can add reindeer antlers and Christmas music? Use your antlers to defend your cups in Rein-beer pong.

What you’ll need: reindeer antlers, two ping-pong balls, beer, 20 Solo cups, a table, four players

The rules:
1) Divide players into two teams
2) Each team arranges 10 cups in a pyramid formation on either side of the table. Fill each cup with the desired amount of beer. The objective of the game is to land the ball in each of the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands into a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent must drink the contents of that cup. Here’s the catch: The defending team may use their reindeer antlers to block the balls from landing in the cups
3) The first team to land their balls in all 10 cups wins

All I want for Christmas is for you to…

Challenge your friends to this Mariah Carey-themed truth or dare. When a friend challenges you to a dare, you can either pursue it or take a drink.

What you’ll need: a group of friends, a drink of choice

The rules:
1) Each player makes a Mariah Carey-style Christmas wish. For example, player one might announce, “All I want for Christmas is for [another player’s name] to dance to Jingle Bell Rock and post it to SnapChat.”
2) The player who is named can either give the person what they want for Christmas or take a drink.

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