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Eight new pieces fit seamlessly into program under Christian

Five freshmen and a trio of transfers make up the eight new additions to the largest Colonials’ roster in more than 15 years.

No tough love: Christian prioritizes connections as head coach, colleagues say

Christian developed and refined his coaching skills, later taking on more formal roles at teams like his alma mater Mount St. Mary’s and Siena.

Men’s basketball’s new defense technique: ‘mayhem’ style

The team is shifting from its previous defensive technique to a fast-paced, aggressive "mayhem" style.

Players from the DMV
flood men’s basketball’s roster

With six of its 17 members hailing from Maryland, D.C. and Virginia, the team has the second highest number of regional recruits in a decade.

Christian leans on past coaching success ahead of first season

He transformed Siena from a second-to-last-place finish in its conference to a regular season runner-up and a nine-win improvement from the year before.

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