Dish of the Week: Pie Sisters’ classic apple pie

The air is getting cooler, but the oven is getting warmer at Pie Sisters – a pie bakery in Georgetown.

Located at 3423 M St. NW, just a few blocks down from notable bakeries like Georgetown Cupcake and District Doughnut, Pie Sisters is the place to go for a fall dessert. The shop bakes everything from classic sweet tarts, like cherry and pecan to savory pies like chicken pot pie and shepherd’s pie.

The walls of the store are painted a deep red and are adorned with wooden accents. The combination of red brick with the aroma of pies baking in the oven completed the shop’s rustic and cozy style. Despite the somewhat crowded space, seating is available at both low- and high-top tables that seat two to four people.

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can come in to order your pies on-the-go or stay for a while and eat.

Treat your palate to the full flavors of fall with Pie Sisters’ seasonal pie options, including apple sour cream ($5.95), apple caramel crunch ($5.95) and pumpkin spice pie ($5.95). Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($2.95) to complement the warm pastry. If you have dietary restrictions, gluten- and lactose-free options are available if requested prior to your visit.

If you want to experience all three fall flavors but don’t want to drain your budget, Pie Sisters offers three different sizes apart from its 9-inch pies ($36 to $39). You can choose between small pie bites ($2), individual size “cuppies” ($3.95), which resemble cupcake-sized pies, or your classic pie slice ($5.75).

If you’re not in the mood for sweets but could still eat a pie, the shop provides savory options like chicken pot pie ($6), shepherd’s pie ($6) and country tomato pie ($6).

Pie Sisters’ seasonal flavors quickly clear house, so I’d recommend calling the shop or checking its website ahead of time to ensure your flavor is available. Eager to taste the pumpkin spice pie, I was devastated to find that Pie Sisters had run out of the flavor when I arrived.

I reluctantly ordered a slice of the classic apple pie ($5.75), hoping to revive my quickly fading fall enthusiasm. But the double crust of the apple pie was not satisfactory. Instead of enjoying the buttery, flaky crust that I had expected, I bit into a firm, almost tasteless crust.

If the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding,” then the true test of a pie lies not in its presentation, but in its taste. I was surprised to find that my classic apple pie was not served hot, and I did not want to eat a cold apple pie. The server graciously heated the plate, but only after I had asked.

The presentation of the pie was the only redeeming aspect of the dish. Light sprinkles of sugar atop the slice made my mouth water. Each slice of apple pie was decorated with a leaf imprint, a clever nod to the bakery’s seasonal fall theme.

But I was not feeling the fillings. Disappointed by what resembled the insides of a store-bought apple pie – not terrible but nothing uniquely Pie Sisters – I cleansed my palate with a slice of coconut cream pie ($5.75). The sweet was a refreshing cream-filled pie topped with a blend of whipped cream and toasted coconut.

Despite my brief pie mishap, I would come again to check out Pie Sisters’ apple sour cream pie or finally experience its pumpkin spice pie. If anyone were to try the classic apple pie, I would recommend that they request the pie be heated and purchase a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($2.95) on the side.

I may have come to Pie Sisters on the wrong day, because it is still the place to go for a slice of sweet or savory turnover. Whether you find yourself in the neighborhood on a whim or are looking to try a new dessert place, Pie Sisters is worth the visit for some of its pie flavors.

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