Freshman hotspots to frequent during your first year

Media Credit: Sarah Urtz | Assistant Photo Editor

Whether you're meeting someone for a study session or satisfying your munchies, Carvings is a go-to destination for freshmen.

Finding places to meet other freshmen may seem challenging on top of finding your way through campus.

While you might find students of all grade levels in places like Kogan Plaza and the Marvin Center, there are a few locations where only freshmen venture for a social gathering or party. If you haven’t already, check out some of the most common hotspots where you can spend your freshman year.

Thurston Hall

Savor every moment in Thurston Hall – this academic year will be students’ last hurrah in one of the University’s oldest buildings.

Often considered a party dorm, Thurston is far from quiet or boring. If you live on the Mount Vernon Campus or in another residence hall, find a friend living in Thurston who can keep you in the loop on weekend outings or study sessions. You’ll find that the Thurston lobby is often filled with students buzzing in and out of the hall, especially at night when masses of students get together for a night out. If you’re in the mood to stay inside, a Thurston party will welcome as many people that can fit. Room sizes range from a double to a six-person room, but you can squeeze in all of your pals in any sized room if you try hard enough. 


From french fries to cheese quesadillas, Carvings is your late-night munchie’s saving grace. Attached to Potomac House on F Street, freshmen often flock to Carvings to satisfy their greasy cravings and hangovers. You’ll likely always run into someone you know in the restaurant, especially late at night when the place fills up with first-year students returning from a night out. But the restaurant also has some daytime perks. You can grab a booth table next to the window of Carvings and enjoy a studying session with a menu of snacks at your fingertips.

Fraternity Row

Nothing screams college more than a good ‘ole fraternity party. Located a few blocks away from Thurston and Potomac halls, fraternity row allows you to spend a night out of your room without straying too far from bed. Fraternity houses like Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi – known for its signature oversized red wooden bench – are located along F Street. Sometimes, fraternities ask guests to dress up for themed parties, like white-out, jungle or ’80s in Aspen, so bring some themed clothing from your house.

If you opt for a night out at a fraternity house, make sure you travel with a couple of friends. You may still gain access to the house if you show up with a large crowd, but fraternity brothers can spot a freshman from a mile away when they see a mass of party-goers crowding the sidewalk.


If you don’t want the night to end, Crepeaway has your back. The crepe restaurant, located at 2001 L St. NW, is open until 3 a.m. on Thursdays and until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. You could spend your night from start to finish at Crepeaway, but the best time to show up is just as students are piling in at about midnight. Whether you’re spending the night dancing on top of tables and chairs or sitting down for a late-night crepe, you will regularly find people you know singing along to pop hits.

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