Dish of the Week: Supra’s lobiani khachapuri

Media Credit: Meredith Roaten | Senior Staff Photographer

Supra's lobiani khachapuri earned The Hatchet's pick for dish of the week.

Hidden away from the bustle of nearby U Street, Supra’s nickname – the “Georgian feast” – proves to be an apt moniker.

The cozy, dimly lit spot serves up traditional food from the Eastern European country that is hearty and full of spices, with dishes like kupati pork and beef sausages and chicken makvalshi.

When I strolled into Supra’s bar for the restaurant’s 3 to 6 p.m. happy hour, there was no shortage of decor. Murals depicting scenes of friends sharing food and drink covered one wall, while a map of Georgia covered another.

Diners looking to sample some Georgian cuisine can choose several small cold and hot plates meant for sharing.

Hot plates include mussels ($12) and cremini mushrooms ($10), while cold dishes include catfish ($10) and beets ($12) prepared with traditional sauces like tkemali – a sour plum topping. For larger entrees, Supra offers a selection of plates like lamb kabobs ($22) and grilled fish (market price) made with fresh herbs and a pomegranate sauce called nasharapi.

The exotic-sounding sauce served with the lobiani khachapuri ($12) caught my eye. Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian bread dish typically filled with cheese, but my choice had a white bean filling. Bright green ajika sauce – a Georgian spicy dip made with peppers and cilantro – smothered the bread and enhanced the dish’s white bean filling.

I was expecting a cheesier pastry, but the soft and doughy bread was the star of the show. The saltiness and umami flavor of the beans shone through the plate while the texture of the lightly browned bread added a soft texture to a typically crispy flatbread.

Paired with a $5 happy hour beer, the bread filled me up quickly and I couldn’t finish my plate. But if I was hungrier, I would have gobbled up the grilled avocado satsivi ($5) covered in edible flowers that my neighbor at the bar was enjoying. The dish is only served during happy hour.

My meal may have tasted better with a lighter $5 red or white wine because the beer and bread consumed together was too heavy. If you decide to stop in before or after happy hour, you can also try one of Supra’s cocktails like sangria ($11), Kitri Chacha and Tonic ($12) with house-infused cucumber chacha. The restaurant also serves Tapli Tbilisi ($14) with muscat, tequila, honey and Georgian pear soda.

For uncommon cuisine with sauces that complete each dish, try Supra’s carefully prepared dishes.

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