Dish of the Week: Fruitive’s Maca Berry Bowl

Media Credit: Meredith Roaten | Staff Photographer

Fruititive's Maca Berry Bowl earned our pick for dish of the week.

South Block may be closed for the summer, but you can still get your smoothie fix a short walk away from campus.

Fruitive, a smoothie bar located at 1330 Connecticut Ave. in Dupont Circle, serves up vegetable and fruit-based cuisine like avocado toast, soups and smoothies. The shop, which The Hatchet ​chose​ for best trendy health food restaurant in 2017, utilizes fresh ingredients that would appeal to any health nut.

The bar is decorated with a fruit-and-veggie-themed mural near the entrance that could be used as an Instagram backdrop for you and your dish. The alternating white and wooden walls, white-marbled tables and potted plants hanging on the walls are simple but give the bar a clean look that appeals to its healthy menu.

Fruitive serves anything from salad to quesadillas and wraps, but I picked its Maca Berry Bowl ($13.95) for a smoothie treat. The smoothie has one standout ingredient – maca – a broccoli-based powder used in smoothies and protein shakes. The superfood is known for its health benefits like improved energy, mental focus and hormonal balance, according​ to Fruitive’s website.

In addition to its maca flavor, the smoothie bowl also includes notes of pitaya and strawberry for a sweeter tooth. The bowl is topped with bananas, blueberries, granola, chia seeds and coconut flakes, adding a crunch to the mix of ingredients.

The shop does not skimp on portions. I wasn’t able to finish the bowl, making the pricey purchase worth the expense because I could take home leftovers.

While the bowl was chock full of filling fruits and grains, I was wary of the 57 grams of sugar and seven grams of protein that made up the smoothie. But if you’re looking for a lighter option, I would go back for Fruitive’s Pro Bowl ($14.95), which offers half the sugar and nearly double the protein.

Fruitive has plenty of other options for those who are not refueling after a morning run. Customers can pick from nearly 18 different varieties of juice, including the Matcha Morning ($12.95) – a less sweet, protein-filled beverage. You can also choose from different types of waffles featuring toppings like almond butter and whipped coconut cream.

While it’s fairly easy to find smoothies served at other shops around the District, Fruitive guarantees your bowl will include entirely organic ingredients made right in its kitchen. Take a half mile walk from campus for a smoothie that will satisfy your health kick for the whole day.

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