Cherry Tree denounces racist images in past yearbook issues

The GW Cherry Tree Yearbook released a statement Friday condemning racist photos published in three past issues.

Cherry Tree staff said the images, which were featured in yearbooks from the 1960s but resurfaced this week, “run directly counter to our values.” One of the images from 1964 appears to depict two men in blackface, while two photos from 1965 and 1968 show students appearing to wear Ku Klux Klan hoods.

“As an organization, we denounce these images and do not tolerate any form of racism within the culture of both our organization and in our published materials,” the release states.

Staff said the organization is committed to depicting the diversity of the student body and being “welcoming to all students.”

“We hold our staff to incredibly high journalistic standards to reflect our values of respect, communication, community and diversity,” staff said in the statement. “It is extremely upsetting to see that our publication once printed such disturbing images.”

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