Crime log: Man harasses pedestrians, flashes GWPD officers outside Smith Center

Disorderly Conduct, Unlawful Entry
1959 E St. NW (Starbucks)
1/17/2019 – 3:15 p.m.
Closed Case

GW Police Department officers responded to a report of a female subject unaffiliated with the University attempting to enter the back room of the store and refusing to leave. Officers made contact with the woman and found that she had been previously barred from campus. Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to the scene, arrested the subject and issued an updated bar notice.

– Subject arrested.

Mitchell Hall
1/18/2019 – 1:22 p.m.
Open Case

GWPD received a report from a student that he was being blackmailed by an unknown person on the internet. There is limited information about the blackmail.

– Case open.

Simple Assault
District House
1/18/2019 – 9:19 p.m.
Closed Case

GWPD responded to a manual fire alarm activation in the food court. The officers swept the building and found no sign of fire or smoke. Officers later reviewed surveillance footage and saw a physical altercation between a male and a female subject, but the police report did not say which person pulled the alarm.

– No identifiable suspect.

Weapons Violation
Marvin Center
1/19/2019 – Noon
Closed Case

GWPD responded to a report of an unconscious male in a bathroom on the ground floor. Officers made contact with the individual and found that he was unaffiliated with the University and possessed a knife, which officers later confiscated.

– No further action.

Unlawful Entry, Threats to do Bodily Harm, Lewd Indecent or Obscene Acts
Smith Center
1/19/2019 – 8:03 p.m.
Closed Case

GWPD responded to a report of a suspicious person harassing passersby outside the Smith Center. Officers found that the male subject was unaffiliated with the University and issued him a bar notice. The individual refused to leave the property, threatened the officers and exposed himself. MPD arrived on the scene, arrested him and transported him to the Second District police station for processing.

– Subject arrested.

Robbery Force and Violence
Public Property on Campus (2300 Block of H Street NW)
1/20/2019 – 11 p.m.
Case Open

GWPD received a report that a male student was walking on the corner of 23rd and H streets NW when an unknown subject knocked his iPhone X out of his hand and fled the scene with his phone. An individual recorded the incident on their phone and sent it to GWPD.

– Open case.

Burglary II/Non-Forcible
1/21/2019 – 1:30 a.m.
Closed Case

GWPD and MPD officers responded to a burglary alarm and observed that the front window of the store was unsecured. Officers reviewed surveillance footage and saw an unknown male suspect removing merchandise from the store. The individual had already fled the scene before officers responded.

– No identifiable suspect.

Destroying/Defacing Structures
Thurston Hall
Unknown – Unknown
Closed Case

While on patrol, a GWPD officer observed a hole in the wall inside the ninth-floor laundry room.

– No suspects or witnesses.
– Compiled by Valerie Yurk.

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