Bestselling author explains how to be a badass every day at book talk

Media Credit: Graeme Sloan | Contributing Photo Editor

Jen Sincero, the author of "You Are a Badass" and "You Are a Badass Every Day," spoke at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue Thursday night.

New York Times bestselling author and success coach Jen Sincero spoke about how to be a badass “every single day” at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue Thursday night.

Sincero’s visit to the District was part of a tour promoting her latest book “You Are a Badass Every Day.” The book, which is Sincero’s fifth, is the third in her “You Are a Badass” series of self-help books.

If you missed the event but still need some inspiration heading into the new year, here are three pieces of advice Sincero shared:

1. Become more aware of every choice you make

Sincero kicked off the event by getting to the core of what her latest book is really about: remembering that life is made up of hundreds of little daily choices.

“In every moment you have a choice to make a really stupid decision or a really smart decision,” Sincero said. “You can focus on something that brings you great joy or you can focus on something that has you waking up screaming in the middle of the night.”

She said that humans tend to forget we have the ability to make conscious decisions and instead get caught up in reacting to situations instead of responding to them. Sincero urged the audience to “choose wisely” when it comes to deciding what to say, where to focus energy and with whom to hang out.

“Reacting is re-enacting the same shit over and over and over again,” she said. “Responding is being responsible for your actions, stepping back and be like ‘ah, maybe there’s a smarter way I can go about this.’”

2. Live every day as if it is your last

Bluntly reminding the audience that everyone is going to die, Sincero said being alive is a near-death experience because “you are riding on a ball in infinite space with a humongous star of molten fire exploding over your head.”

“If you really remember that you are going to die, you might get off your ass and start doing all that stuff you’ve been putting off,” Sincero said.

Sincero said in addition to taking risks and going after your dreams, it is important to make decisions based on yourself and not worry about what others may think. The author told the audience about her friend who left her boyfriend of nearly seven years for a married man who left his wife to be in a relationship with her.

After mixed reactions from the audience, including several moans and groans, Sincero said fear of disappointing others or being judged could have stopped her friend from pursuing this relationship and finding true happiness.

“They were judged up and down by people – they lost friends over it – but they are on planet Earth only once and they found their soulmates and they are flying now,” she said. “The people who really truly love you want you to be happy.”

3. The universe is an energetic place

Before beginning her Q&A with the audience, Sincero led the room through a two-minute guided meditation. During the exercise, she urged everyone in the room to think about an important change they want to make and how their life would be different if that change became a reality.

The meditation consisted of the audience closing their eyes, breathing deeply and connecting with the “energy” in the room. Sincero told the room to notice the energy running within each audience member’s own body and asked them to visualize how each minor change of thought affects “all the energy within you and all the energy in the universe.”

“Just like a single water droplet falling into the ocean effects – and is part of – the giant mass of water, every tiny energy shift within you affects – and is part of – the infinite cosmic field,” Sincero said. “Sit in this thrilling, energetic space of your desired reality, hold it with you, revisit it as often as possible and know that as you and the universe come into energetic alignment from the vision of your new life, the vision is also taking shape on Earth.”

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