Tiny stocking stuffers that are useful and cost effective

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PopSockets ($10 to $15) go on the back of cellphones in a circular shape in a variety of solid, sparkly and trendy marbled designs.

Even though you see your roommates all day every day, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift.

With multiple people stuffed in tiny residence hall rooms, the last thing you want is to give your roommate a gift that will create extra clutter. But small gifts like stocking stuffers are the perfect alternative because they can be useful and cost effective.

PopSockets – $10 to $15
Since the item’s debut in 2012 and tremendous popularity in 2017, these handy little phone accessories are smartphone essentials. PopSockets go on the back of cellphones in a circular shape in a variety of solid, sparkly and trendy marbled designs. Popping them out gives you an easier grip on your cellphone or props up your phone on a flat surface. The devices are inexpensive and easy to personalize, which makes them the perfect gift.

Available at: Urban Outfitters, 3111 M St. NW

Avantree Four-Port 8A USB Charging Station Organizer – $29.99
With each student hosting their own library of electronic devices, charging technology can very easily consume space, which is limited in a residence hall. This sleek white organizer is handy for college techies and fits four devices together in one place, so you won’t have to fight over plug space any longer. While this gift is a bit pricier than most stocking stuffers, these chargers are compatible with Apple and Android products and one simple purchase can bring an entire year without wrestling a tangle of white cords.

Available at: Amazon.com

Diffuser – starting at $19.99
The fact that candles are banned in residence halls limits your opportunity for holiday zen, but that problem is nothing a diffuser can’t fix. Not only are they allowed in residence halls, but the scents vary from vanilla and lavender to more seasonal aromas, just like candles. Diffusers are also refillable for about $10, meaning that, unlike candles, the smell can continue long after room inspections. It can easily be put on a bed shelf, bathroom counter or desk without taking up much space, which is another benefit for a gift that can change the whole atmosphere of the room.

Available at: Bed Bath & Beyond, 709 Seventh St. NW.

Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – $24.99
With more and more devices nixing headphone jacks, wireless headphones are all the rage. AirPods, Apple’s wireless version of its traditional earbuds, are extremely popular but break the bank at $159. Luckily, several different companies now offer wireless earbuds at significantly lower prices. These earbuds, which bare a strong resemblance to AirPods, will save you $130.

Available at: deals.gdgt.com

Tile Mate – $9.99
For that one friend that always misplaces their phone or their keys, this affordable gift is the perfect way to keep track of important things. By putting a Tile Mate ring on a bag or other item, you can track that item’s location using an app. If they are always losing their keys, phone and wallet, ringing the Tile Mate twice will make your lost device beep, making it easy to find. Not only is it helpful for your roommate, but it will save you time when your roommate stops asking to be let into the residence hall.

Available at: Amazon.com

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